24 hours from right now


24 hours from right now I will be sitting in the airport ready to go :mickey:


Woo Hoo…so happy for you! Have a great time.


CONGRATS! You must be exploding with excitement! Have a safe trip and enjoy the magic of WDW!


GROOVY!!! hope you have an absolutely jazzy time. don’t forget to take notes so you can give us all the details, and take lots-o-pics!! :mickey:


What a great feeling that is! Have a great time.


Have a great time Grumpy!:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


Congrats and have a great time! What a great feeling. Soon you won’t be in Kansas anymore! Don’t forget to click your heels three times to get back home. :laugh: Have fun!


Grumpy, enjoy your dream vacation. Bring back lots of good stories and pictures


Have a blast, Grumpy!!!


Hope you are having a blast !


Aw I am so jealous…I bet they’re having so much fun!! :happy:


Have fun!!! :happy:

(im a lil green with jelousy :blush:)


Okay, 1 day = 24 hours has passed.

Well, is he at the airport ready to go? :pirate:

Or is he already at WDW with Mickey? :mickey:

I’m confused… ::tongue:

Regardless, I think he’s having fun~ :laugh: