$25 off Airtran fare?


Hi. I saw on Ebay that people have for sale ($10 each) coupons worth $25 off any Airtran flight. They have noted in the listing that if you have more than one person flying you can just book each person as a seperate reservation and use a coupon for each person.
So to sum it up, if I booked Airtran one way for the 4 of us then I would buy 4 coupons $40.00 but save $100 on my airfare = $60.00 savings

My concern was of something going wrong if the airline changed the flight, plane, etc. since I am flying with kids.

Has anyone used these coupons? If so, was it for more than one person?

Does this sound too good to be true?


I would personally call Airtran’s customer service and get the down low on these coupons before buying them. They may not be transferable…be careful and make the call before you buy.


DH wasn’t too sure about booking the tickets individually so we just decided to forget the coupons & pay the price. It actually isn’t too bad $63 pp from Philly to Orlando. We went with another carrier for the trip back.
Grand total $774 for 4 of us R/T.