25th Wedding Anniversary


My wife & I are celebrating 25 years in August.:eek::laugh: We kicked a lot of ideas around and it looks like Disney is going to win.:mickey:

I’m thinking of postponing the celebration until Sept so that we can attend MNSSHP(?). I’m more of a ‘go in the Summer and max out the hours in the best weather’ kind of guy, but she has always wanted to do this or Christmas at DW.

I have my choice of a free DD plan or 40% off a hotel. We have stayed at a VR (had our son those trips) but I’d like to bump up to maybe the AK. As far as meals go, I believe that for the most part we will split counter service meals but that is obviously not an option for table service.

Which would any of you seasoned veterans recommend? I am looking forward to your ideas.

*We are planning on spending only 4 nights (a park a day) this time.


I like the weeks just before Thanksgiving. The parks are decorated for the holidays and depending on how early, the MVMCP is happening also PLUS the parks are usually less crowded, the temps are very pleasant, and it’s just a fun time of year.

We just booked with a 40% PIN. The agent was so nice and looked up prices for just about every resort we asked about. Compare the prices and see what works best for your budget but I would definitely recommend including the DD plan if you use the 40% because it is pretty handy having everything paid for before you arrive.

As far as resorts go…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AK. At first, I didn’t want to go and only agreed to stay there because my daughter wanted to. The accommodations are amazing and splurging for a savannah view is so worth it.

Wilderness Lodge is another great resort if you’re looking for something beyond a value resort. Great “theming” and the ability to take the boat to and from MK is a treat, especially at night when you can enjoy the lights.

Happy Anniversary and enjoy!!!


[QUOTE=mmforme2009;1035380]I would definitely recommend including the DD plan if you use the 40% because it is pretty handy having everything paid for before you arrive.


I didn’t realize that I could double up on the 40% and the DDP. Thanks.

And thanks for the congrats.


I’m sorry I don’t think it came across right…I wasn’t able to get 40% plus free dining but for us we saved enough using the 40% discount it basically paid for adding the DD plan. Does that make sense?


Oh great. Now I’m completely confused. Just kidding.:laugh: I priced out the trip with the 40% and was pretty happy with the number$. Now to do the math with the DDP.


We are WL fans when it is just the 2 of us. Out of the way, quiet spots throughout the resort, and close enough to everything. We call it our moderate deluxe.


I’m a huge fan of the DDP. I find that every trip, no matter how long I stay, it always saves me tons of money. I don’t know if I just eat a lot but the few times I haven’t had it, I’ve always way overspent on food. :laugh: It also felt like I was giving away all my money while I was there on nothing but food which was disappointing. I like having all my food paid for and then having a bit more time to save up what I can for souvenirs and whatnot. I’m not exactly sure how to explain it, I just really like having the DDP…seems to take away some of the stress!

Though if planning your food and how much you’re going to spend on it doesn’t stress you out like it does me…perhaps the 40% off the hotel you really want to stay at may be a better choice!

Just my two cents. :happy:


We celebrated our 10th with a vow renewal ceremony.
Unfortunately, the only guest that was able to attend was Hurricane Wilma.


Alright disney1…be nice…LOL! The numbers do look good with the 40%…I’ve never received a PIN code before so I was so excited to even get the email.

If you do the DDP and stay at AK , Boma (I believe that’s the nice one) restaurant is nice. The cuisine is a little different but if you like trying new things it’s worth it. If you stay at Wilderness Lodge, Artist Point is very nice. Nice treat for an anniversary diner. Obviously, we love to eat…so let me know if you have any questions about a restaurant.

And like CuriousAlice said, we love the DDP and try restaurant’s we usually just wouldn’t pay to try if it wasn’t already taken care of.


Hurrican Wilma…oh no, that doesn’t sound like a good day. Hopefully, the years have been better…:slight_smile:


The “nice” restaurant at the AK is Jiko, one of Disney’s signature restaurants.
That mean’s it’s a 2 credit per person meal.

Worst vacation I ever had. Especially as our home was in the path of the storm and we returned home to no power and no water. Luckily our home didn’t sustain any real damage.
Plus we already had Katrina go right over our condo that we were supposed to move out of the Saturday after the storm. We actually moved the day after Katrina hit NO.


Glad to hear there was no real damage but no power and water that is miserable too.


Huuricanes:eek: Didn’t think about that. But she really wants to see some of the events (Haloween/Christmas etc).

I priced out the AK, POFQ and the ASM with and w/o the DDP (Quick Service) and had a price variation of $320 across the board.

If I take that same $320 and divide it by the 4 days we’re in the parks ($80) and divide by 3 meals a day ($27). That would mean that each of us would have to spend more than $14 per meal before we ‘beat’ the DDP. The only thing I can’t factor in are the snacks we might pick up.

Does anyone have an approximation on a burger/fry/drink (or similar) meal at the parks? We’ve been there three times before and felt that we could probably split some of our meals because of the portion sizes. I always got a kids breakfast in the a.m. (at the All Stars) and she got fruit and what not.

The prices for the room varied from $956 up to $2225 for the AK:eek:. This is w/o a DDP. We’re not room dwellers so is it really that much nicer? Is a ‘Savannah View’ room nice or is this just a fancy way of saying ‘Not a Parking Lot View’?:laugh:

Thanks for the help everyone.


Wow! I just went to All Ears and mocked up a rough meal plan based on current(?) menu prices and what we might eat. Granted there are a lot of variables in this approach but I came up with $465. That includes the Boma breakfast buffet everyday (which seems like too much for everyday), one ‘special’ dinner and a meal at the RFC the night we arrive before going into the parks the next day. And $10 in snacks everyday.

Compare that against the $320 upcharge for the DDQSP and there is a difference of $145 or $6 per meal/person each day we are there. someone at Disney has done their math.


I was over at Mouse Mizer and they mentioned a free DDP? Can I get this and the 40% discount on rooms? Because I just checked pricing (while logged out of my account) and came up with the same pricing for rooms. Does Disney target past guests with special offers or does anyone get these offers?


A single burger and fries with a drink plus tax will cost around $9.45.
That’s $6.50 for the burger, $2.50 for the drink, and $.45 for sales tax.
As for the discounts, you either must receive a PIN for your personal use if you’ve been sent one or be either a Florida resident or an annual passholder which almost always have some sort of discount available. However, if free dining is offered, you will have to book your room at rack rate in order to get free dining. As always, just like at stores, you can’t combine discounts.
I’ve only gotten a PIN based offer once, but as a passholder, I always get those offers.
They do target past guests, but nobody seems to know when or why any one guest will get an offer.
And sometimes, you’re better off booking on the phone with a live human on the other end.
There’s no real parking lot view rooms at AKL that I can recall and even if your room isn’t on a savannah, you will still get to see animals from all the overlooks in the guest room corridors and even from some non savannah rooms’ balconies.
Another thing to keep in mind is that other than Coronado Springs, all value and mod rooms come with two double beds while the deluxe hotels and CSR all have 2 queen beds. Also at the deluxe hotels, you can valet your car so you don’t have to get wet in the rain and other than the Grand Floridian, the Poly, and the Contemporary garden wing, all deluxe hotels are one building with a common lobby and rooms connected to that lobby. Plus with the exception of the second floor in all Poly longhouses, all deluxe rooms have private balconies.


Thanks. I found some menu prices over at All Ears.

I received a PIN in May.

So is a Savannah view room good or bad. I know it’s not excellent because there were too many options above my choice.:laugh:


I don’t believe at this point you can take advantage of both specials. In the past, we were lucky enough to include a room discount (not 40% though) and the DDP but for the time of year (November) that we’re going there are no DDP discounts. They have done the math…also depending on if you have table service or not, the gratuity is no longer included and needs to be figured in your calculations too.

We’ve been going for years at all level of resorts, trying every hint given to get on the mailing lists (whatever list it may be) to get a discount code and this is the first year we’ve ever received one. Then I have heard of people that get them every year…I don’t think anyone really knows the rhyme or reason to getting the code…oh bother!

Savannah view…means the animals are just outside your balcony! I mean right there, up close, and personal. I don’t know about all the rooms but the times we have stayed there with a savannah view there was always a lot of animal activity to watch.

In the beginning, we weren’t room dwellers either but over the years we have begun to slow down and appreciate being on vacation. With the kido’s (and adults LOL) we would be up and at the gate the moment the gates opened and wouldn’t leave until the street cleaner pushed us out. Now, especially when it’s just us adults, we slow down a little bit and take time to enjoy the amenities of the resort a little more. If you anticipate keeping the same pace as you do without your kids then you’ll probably be just as happy at any resort as the next. POFQ is pretty nice too…but I could be a little prejudice since it’s almost my backyard. :slight_smile:


I think it’s worth it. Of course, I’d stay at any room view just to be at AK. It’s one of my favority resorts.


We were always up at dawn and among the last out too. Long but very productive days.

We have been thinking about POFQ too. My wife loves the whole Dixie, southern, antebellum thing so that’s an option for us.

We had to drag my sis-in-laws fiance to Disney one year. He had no desire to go. He flew down while the rest of us drove. He flew back home three days in while the rest of us stayed 6 more days. I made all our plans (including his) and used my address as the contact address. Ever since then I get at least two mailings a year enticing him back to Disney!:confused: And he didn’t even want to go…or stay.

Send them offers to me.:laugh: