28 Hours of Driving - 1 Day & 1 Park...AWESOME!


So, my Mousebuzz friends, a few weeks ago my wifes older brother called and asked us if we would like to meet them at WDW for their trip. Originally, we had planned 3 days in the park, but since we are going in March…$$$, time off work, etc wouldnt allow. So MY WIFE said, “We can leave Friday and come back Monday” Wich meant bc of travel, waiting on the brother’s family to arrive, and etc (like $$$) we would have 1 day in the park. So here is how it went.

Friday - 5:05 pm Central time

We leave our humble home in Greenville, MS. The drive with the wife and the 3 kids was the most peaceful and pleasant drive we have ever had to WDW. The kids didnt fight and everyone was AWESOME to one another (this is rare).

Saturday - 8:15 am Eastern Time

We arrive at Beach Club for our breakfast with Minnie, Goofy, and Donald at Cape May. We were 30 minutes late and I was worried…but as I pulled to the guard house he told me to just find a spot in the self parking to the right and we parked CLOSE…which was strange - we had to park across the street last visit. I thought to myself “hmmm, crowds low???” Then we walked to Cape May and I told them I was late and they said…Oh, yes you are…but come right this way. No wait at all even though I missed my window. We ate and took pics and the kids all loved the characters. Also, the breakfast menu has changed and I must say it was much better than I remember.
We then walked around the boardwalk to kill time as the brothers flight didnt arrive til 12:40pm. While their we saw an open house for DVC and I was curious bc I have never been in one. So, we walked in and they talked my wife into staying for the spill (I WAS SHOCKED)…and we got our FP’s for staying. At about 11 we chose to leave and see if we could find the off property condo we were staying at…figuring it would take a while. It did not, about 15 minutes…so we stayed in the parking lot and i watched football via my phone (Go Mississippi State - #HailState for any Dog fans out there)…and I think we all dozed off for about 10 minutes. When the family arrived the room was not ready so we went to eat at TGIF’s and watched the ending of the game…and then went back to condo and kids went swimming. The room finally was able to move into about 4pm and all I wanted to do was shower and a power nap (I had been up since 6:30 am of the previous day). We stayed at BlueGreen in the Presidential Sweet and it was SWEET… but no shower or nap was in my future until we finally went to sleep at 10:45pm.

Sunday - 7am - Magic Kingdom - 1 Park/1 Day

We woke up and we all got ready and off to MK we went. After dressing, breakfast, and all that - I have no idea what time we arrived but the park was open.
I walked up to the ticket window and asked for 3 Adults and 2 Children and then I got some giggles from all the Cast Members in the booth when I paid for all $461 in Gift Cards of $25 increments. She said, “Your reciept is going to be LONG” and it was…but they worked w/o a hitch.
Our first order of business was haircuts for the 11 yr old and 8 yr old boys…the 8 yr old got a faux hawk and he loved it. He was a little disappointed that the no longer die your hair as their supplier went out of business.
As we parked, went to the tix booth, and walked in the park…I kept thinking…“Wow, its light…maybe the rain.” (that went away by 1pm).
The whole day we walked in and out of rides with no more than 10 minute waits. I cannot count the number of times we rode the mountains. My 4 yr girl got in line to see Ariel and she was last in line…Ariel is her FAVORITE…and maybe bc mine was in line or whatever the reason was…Ariel and Eric took their time with her and really loved on her. It was so special to her, thank you two whoever you are.
Also, my 4 yr old rode Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain for the first time ever…she is hooked. My 11 yr old boy got a little freedom from us and felt big as we allowed him to ride by himself or take his brother with him…of course we on the ride too but he thought he was SOMETHING. We stayed until close and literally had a VERY MAGICAL day.

Monday - 10am - left Orlando for Mississippi

Tuesday - Midnight - pulled in our driveway

Tuesday - 9:45am - at Work

Sidenote, I have begged my wife to take off from her job during slow months to go but she never would entertain the idea (she is a school teacher)…she is sold now. We go in March during spring break but from now on we are going to be Sept,Oct,Feb travelers.
Also, the place we stayed was NICE!!! It still wasnt Disney. At the end of the day…tired, sweaty, kids asleep and toting them…I still had to find the car, drive back…also no EMH for us. On property is the thing for us…Presidential Sweet or not.

Pics to come and I have video of first Thunder Mountain ride but I do not know how to post it.


Thanks for the tr. what a great weekend! Glad everyone had fun!


FUN! I’d love to do this sometime.


Glad you had a great time!


Wow. Crazy trip with all of the travel. Sounds like everyone had fun.



Just. wow.


Glad you had such a fun time! Sometimes crazy and impulsive is the best trip. We’re here now and I haven’t seen the parks so empty in years! In 3 days we have used one fastpass - for Peter Pan. Even walked on to Soarin!


Yay…enjoy your time there…


we got the FP for sitting through DVC and never used them. It was crazy but SWEET!!!


What an awesome trip!! I’m glad it worked out so well.


Some of the best trips are those taken without months of advance planning. That way there’s no expectations.
Glad you had fun.


dadofthree- how were the kids on Tuesday? Hope they were not too tired…


HANWILL - we had soccer from 5 to 7 on Tuesday, they said they were tired though…I am dragging and havent really fully entered the land of the living yet. Maybe tomorrow.


What an awesome quick trip!!


WOW! That was short, but magical trip!


It’s ok that you are tired. I think it is harder on us to recover than them…