285 points $11.50 a point


I have 190 points to trade or rent. Use PayPal for payment. Let me know and I’ll check availability. Had to cancel our trip this year.:crying:


I don’t need the points, but the fact that you had to cancel doesn’t sound good. I hope everything works out ok.


Thank you bunches. We just bought a house and things didn’t work out like I planned. Unfortunately our next trip may have to wait till 2017. Worst part is my whole family (would have been 16 of us) is going. It will be a really rough week not being able to go :frowning: Thank you for your concern


I’m sorry your trip fell through, that’s tough. I guess a new house is a pretty good reason for canceling a trip, it will last a lot longer than a vacation. I wish we needed points but we’re good for this year, however, I think we’re probably going to be short next year.


I’m sorry! That really sucks… I am looking for points tho…


That’s fantastic!! I sent you a pm.


That’s fantastic!! I sent you a pm.


I have changed the amount to 190 points hoping to be able to change our trip to a studio, sell some points and still go. Wish me luck


Still don’t need the points , but I hope your plan works and you still get a trip in.:happy: