29 days and counting!


We have just passed the 30 day mark in our countdown to our trip to the mouse!! It will be my son in laws first ever visit and being the techie that he is, we are looking at the world through a whole new set of eyes. He works as an I T guy for an animal pharmacutical company based out of Germany. I now have to shift into serious pre trip mode and you all know what that means! Stillll debating on renting a car for the entire trip. Were staying at POP for the first time. See you in Orlando!


congrats! We’re getting close too!


Love that last month of anticipation! It’s always fun taking a newbie and seeing all the magic through their eyes for the first time.


We are under the 20 day mark and just got back from picking up vacation stuff. Next week I will begin the packing of stuff and clothes and stuff and more clothes and stuff, ugh!

Have you made up your mind on renting a car or not??


Thinking I will. I just have a hard time being dependant on the bus system for some reason. We are such park commandos, that i just like being able to come n go when I want. I might try the busses the first couple of days but well go to universal and I know im renting a car for at least 3 days.


We always rented when we flew down as we too like to come and go as we please. We estimate that we must save almost a day by driving to the parks. The only time we really did not use our vehicle was when we stayed at the POLy. We only used it going to AK, TL and DTD AND we drove that year. It is so worth renting.

Sign up for Dollar Rental, it is free and you may get upgraded for nothing. We got upgraded to a Chrysler 300 one year, plus we were the only one in the member line and about 5 people in the other line. They took us next being we were members. Also check Mousesavers.com for discount codes on rentals.