299 days to go!


I finally made it out of the 300’s!!! So excited only 299 more days until I get my disney fix!!!


Good for you! Where are you staying when you go?


I know exactly how you feel!!! Although…I have a couple more days to get out of the 300’s!!

Can’t wait to hear all the details!!


I’m right there with you!


Before you know it, it will be here. We started at 365, but are now down to under 30. Keep reading the trip reports and your excitement will last until you arrive at WDW.


We are staying at the Caribbean Beach!!! The kids pick they just don`t know that we are actually going!!! Aug 23-Sept 5!!! It’s a christmas present for the kids. Then they will get a count down box to help pass the time!!!


What a great Christmas present! The CB is a great resort, and the count down box sounds like a great idea. I hope your wait goes by fast.


That is a great idea!! I’m sure the kids will be SOOOOOOO excited!


getting out of the 300’s is NICE and the weeks seem to start flying by after this point.


yay you!!! Its a good feeling huh?! :happy:


I agree, and 180 day will be here in no time and I don’t even know where we want to eat yet!!!


So happy for you! I can hardly wait to be past the 365 day mark, let alone the 300. The time should just fly by for you now. OK, so now go & get started planning your dining… seriously GO!..NOW:laugh::mickey:


I’m trying there is just too many great choice to choose from!!!


I only have 11 to my next trip to WDW but another 375!!! days until our 2011 WDW trip (yes, we plan that far ahead) :laugh:

I’ll be counting down with you!!


I know what you mean just developed pictures from this trip and am watching the count down till the next one. Think I am still in the 300’s


346 days for me as of today. ARGH…I need to live at Disney :happy:


277 days for me (and 270 til I actually arrive in the States) :smiley: I’m glad other people get really excited this far in advance too!!! My boyfriend refuses to get excited about anything more than a few days away!


Cangrats Rachred and Eponine on having trips planned!!! It’s always exciting to know you are going to Disney!!!


YAY!! Breaking past the 300, 200, 100, 3month, 2month, 1month, 3weeks, 2weeks, 1week marks are sooooo exciting!

Keep posting and planning. It’ll be here before you know it. :wub:

…in our 20’s now…:blush:



Thanks! Your trip is SO CLOSE! How exciting