2nd job


Quick pole. Would you take on a second job (part-time job) just to go to Disney?


Yes, and I have.
I’ve been lucky enought to get a 2nd job, nights and weekends, at my regular place of employment.
I can’t say it’s “just” for Disney, but a portion of that paycheck goes directly to our vacation account.


No, I don’t think so. As much as I love vacations, my time with my family on a daily basis is more important.


I may have to! :laugh:

Actually, it is a large motivating factor in me working to start my own business: I want to go to Disney! :laugh:


Isn’t that what the 1st job is for?!? :mickey:


Yeah, not sure I could give up any more time being at home with my husband and two doggies. I would probably just improve my 1st job situation if it wasn’t cuttin’ it.


I’d have to say no as well. Unless it was maybe a short term thing.


No way. I would either go a lot cheaper or cut vacations out totally if I had to. My DH coaches and teaches at a local junior college a couple of evenings a week but not for Disney money, he’s that type of person. He likes coaching and he likes teaching college age students so he doesn’t do it for WDW trips but it helps.


No… the trick is to get a 2nd job to pay off your bills (cars/credit cards/etc) so that you can quit the 2nd job and have time and money to go on vacation. If I don’t have the money, I don’t go. But I won’t work my whole life away just for one week of play time …


Been there…done that. A long time ago, before I was married, I took a second job to save up money for a disney trip. Dh at the time was in the military and we wanted to go there over his leave time. I wanted to have a weekend where we did not have to watch every penny so I took a second job to save up.

I really dont have time to take on a second job now, but if I could, I probably would. Could definitely use the extra cash these days.


Yeah, I’ve been known to pick up the occasional short term, part time job to help with things like WDW vacations, Xmas, whatever. Work hard, play harder, that’s my motto!


Yes, I would definately take on a second job to take my yearly WDW trips. Heck that may be a reality for me once my DD starts catholic high school :eek:


I don’t know about a second job, but if the chance for overtime comes up at my job I take it! I’ve just recently worked a whole lot of extra hrs and every extra cent went toward our september trip, it’s nice knowing it’s paid for in cash ahead of time!




It depends how long I was planning on working the 2nd job. If it was just for a bit, to save up for a big Disney trip, maybe.

I’ve worked as many as 4 jobs at a time in order to fund my life and my love of Disney. But when it comes right down to it, the biggest frustration I had with working AT Disney was the inflexibility of my schedule…I never saw my husband. And THUS…I quit my dream job. :crying:

And now that we’re starting a family, I don’t think I could see working that much. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I’m a self-employed/stay-at-home-mom kind of person. I’ve been the multiple-job route, and it’s just not me. I refuse to even hold down one job if it means never seeing my family. :nonono2:


Yes. Absolutely. Although the government works me to death as it is! (although, it HAS paid for our cruise in July!) :happy:


Maybe not a complete second job, but there are a couple months where DH and I both get an extra paycheck (paid every other week). This yr it’s June and November so this one pays for the trip and November pays for Christmas extras…it works out. Bonuses usually go to savings for trips too…


Actually, I took a second job WITH Disney. Actually the Disney Store, with the benefits of having funds to spend for trips to Disneyland as well as getting that CM discount and afford to stay at the Disneyland Hotel. :wub:

Never got around to staying there, and wish I had before they tore down the original. :noo:

And it seems all the “money” I earned ended up going for purchases at the Disney Store for friend’s children… :angel:

Go figure…


No I don’t think I would.
I’d rather go less often and work less.

But thats just me.


Are you considered a CM if you work at a Disney Store?
I mean can you go to the special pin trading and CM events or do you just get the CM discount?