3 Adults, 2 Kids in one room at POFQ?


Ok…Great Grandma backed out of the December WDW trip. I know, I know, hard to imagine anyone NOT wanting to go. She is really just worried that she wont be able to keep up and that she will ruin the trip for everyone. Although I hate that she doesn’t want to go…I cannot help but think she is probably right. She will be 90 for our trip and has grown a bit fussy and uncomfortable.

Anyhoo…we have two rooms at the POFQ for MeMa, DH, myself and our two DD’s. My question is do you think we could use the one room? Lillian will be in a pack and play and Mema could share a bed with Avery. We are all VERY close so it wouldn’t be strange, but I am worried that it will be too many in one room. The second room would give us more flexibility, but that leaves Mema with a big bill (and I don’t think we could chip in at this point). I feel like we will only be in the rooms to sleep, but I am just not sure. Has anyone had three adults, two kids at POFQ? I don’t know if I should even bring up the idea of sharing, but it really would save us $$$.

What do you think you most intelligent Mousebuzzers?


Oh thats a good one. If you are looking at comfort and room, I would get 2 rooms. I hear the trundle bed is a bit small. But, on the other hand if one of your children can sleep on that and you guys really do get along and don’t mind the company. I say go for it. stay in one roomesp, if you all will be doing the parks and won’t be in the rooms that much.


When you say trundle, do you mean like a roll away? Do you think that would fit in the room along with the Pack and Play?

I am really leaning towards sharing…or having two rooms…or sharing…AAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH what to do:blink: :wacko:


How about POR - Alligator Bayou section. At least they have a trundle bed. Here are some pictures… Alligator Bayou Room


I guess it is all in a person’s opinion, but I would stick with one room. Especially with a little one in a pack n play. It also depends on how much time you spend in your room. Save the money. JMO.


I’d say give sharing a try and cut the cost if you think you won’t be in the room much. good luck with the decision making!!


Thanks SuiteDisney…I might have to check into that.


Did you guys spend a lot of down time in the rooms on your recent trip? I just can’t imagine us being in the room all that much (of course except for an occasional nap and sleeping at night)?

I really am leaning towards sharing…I just think it makes the most sense. It will save my DMIL a TON of money. I just wanted to see if there were any out that said,“NOOOOO, don’t do it”…perhaps others have shared before and it would be helpful to hear how that panned out.


I say do one room but have you thought about CBR? The rooms at CBR are just a little bit bigger than the other moderates. It isn’t much but enough to accomdate a pak N play and not have lost any space.


the only time we were in the room - sleeping, showering and changing in between stuff (pool/resort/restaurant/dtd). we didn’t hang out at all. we went to the pool a couple times, but were not in the room much at all. that’s part of the reason we can’t justify paying sooo much more for a mod or deluxe. now, if it were a 2 week vacation, and we’d plan on spending more time in the resort, that’d be a different story. but for a week or less, we are commandos and just aren’t in the room that much!


Thanks Sarah…and to everyone else. I think we will stay in the one room. I can’t imagine spending any time in the room and you just confirmed it for me. We will only be there for 7 nights so we have LOTS to do each day (including pools in some of the afternoons).


I agree, you are going to be so busy, and you really are not going to be in the room that much. It will be tight, but, its definitely do-able.


You guys are AWESOME:wub: :wub: :wub:

Thanks for easing my mind…I really do think that it will be fine (but tight).


Hey, I think we are going to be there at the same time!!