3 Guys (2 Single) In Disney - Resort version


I posted the same topin in the Parks forum but wanted to chime in on the resort side. We will be staying at the POP century (out of the values I prefer the ASM but I hear the POP is nice and the bus service is great)

I have always found the Movies to have a wide range of ages. My freinds are concerned it will be like kid fest, I told them it is everybody fest. Groups/People of all ages go to disney. While we may have more of an adult crowd at say coronado I fell we will still have fun at the POP century.

I remember a few years ago I went down to dinsye and stayed next to a string of rooms with people on a Home Depot Corp meeting or something and my girlfrined met up with them at the bar by the pool before going out.

Please help me convince them we will have a blast in Disney. Thank you.


I had a trip all booked for my girlfriend for the end of Aug. She got a teching job so she will not be able to make it…

I convinced her to let me keep the reservation and then got two of my frineds to get in on the trip.

They are 26 and have never been to Disney

They are exicited but im sure would rather have took a trip to vegas.

Please help me convince them three guys will have a blast in Disney. I told them during the day we can run around like a bunch of kids hitting up all the parks with our hopper pass with water and fun. Then at night we can have some more adult freindly fun on pleasure island. I have been twice in the last few years and love it more each time.

They are afraind the park may be to geared for kids, I told them it is geared for everyone. Especially Epcot with all its technology advancements as well the the countries.

Any words of convinment I could pass along would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Oh, you’ll all have a grand time. Disney is geared towards everyone - “The young, and the young at heart.”

Big thrills like Mission: Space, Test Track, Tower of Terror, Rockin’ Rollercoaster, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Dinosaur, Primeval Whirl, and Expedition Everest will keep you all thoroughly entertained. Plus, if you wish to party, there’s Pleasure Island and Atlantic City Dance Hall (haven’t been to either, so I can’t give you reviews… they just look fun).

I am a frequent visitor of both Disney and Vegas, but I would have to say that Disney is MUCH BETTER and more exciting than Viva Las Vegas. First off - at Disney, you don’t have to worry about smoke. Vegas is practically smoke city. Walk through a casino and you’re coughing and hacking and your eyes are drying up, so you have to visit the restroom to clean your contacts. It’s horrible. But at Disney, there are designated smoking areas. Disney is much safer and cleaner. When you walk out on the streets in Vegas, you have people shoving a bunch of horrible flyers in your face that you shouldn’t look at. At Disney, you never have to worry about that. Disney is clean. Disney is safe. Transportation to and from parks is provided and free. There are adult-only areas… Disney caters to everyone.


A lot has to do with their attitude, frankly.

If they don’t like the Disney atmosphere, there’s little you can do… :pirate:


Yeah. 6-2-6 is right. If they’re fun people, you guys are going to have fun, no matter where you go or what you do. If they aren’t fun people, you guys are going to be miserable, whether you’re at WDW or swimming in the backyard pool.


That is very true, I don’t know that there’s anything you can do if they really don’t want to go or have fun. If they decide to go all you can do is show them what’s there, after that it’s up to them. Is there anyone you can go with that you know wants to go and doesn’t need to be talked into it?

I would love to take my sister’s step daughter but she has head from her father how boring and awful WDW is that I don’t want to risk my vacation in case she doesn’t like it.


I think most people lighten up to Disney. They may not admit it, but they’ll have fun. (Or maybe they’re trying their best to avoid the fun.)


Even if they don’t like the parks during the day I’m sure they will love going to PI at night. Have fun.


I took many a trips to WDW during my college years & recent early adult years with friends. Even if you find they aren’t too into the ultra-Disney atmosphere in the parks, etc. there are MANY more things to enjoy when you are in your 20’s. Here are some examples…

-Have a “drinking tour” across the world. Get one drink in every other country in EPCOT.

-Jellyrolls on the Disney Boardwalk is cool, along with the dance nights at Atlantic Dance.

  • The BET club and Manequins in Pleasure Island, along with all of PI.

  • Don’t forget House of Blues in DTD. There are often really cool shows and bands playing there. I’ve seen Flogging Molly, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, etc…

  • Mini Golf is always fun.

There are plenty of options.

PS: I am 28 and just went to Vegas for the first time, HIGHLY overrated! haha, I’d take WDW anytime.


My DH thought the same thing (that it would be like chaos with soooooo many kids) but I have to say he found himself loving it! He wants to go back every year! He found out that he is STILL a kid even though he is 31:laugh: …One of the comments he still makes is that there is so much to do for ALL ages. We have 3 kids…all at different stages in childhood and they all had a blast (okay 4 with DH)…
Tell them if they don’t have fun, then they plan the next trip!


We’ve gone before kids and had a blast. . .Pleasure Island at night, beers around the world at the showcase. Transportation is all figured out so no worries.

As far as hotels, we stayed at the CBR and found it to be great - there were kids but many young adults (we were in our 20’s).

My brother and his friends drove there from boston for spring break one year and had a great time.

– you will never convince them until they see disney themselves. Its funny, people have the notion that its all kids and cartoons.


This is perfect. They are def. excited and big kids at heart. I remember my first trip since I was much younger (it was few years ago and there was about a 12 or 15 year gap since going last) I was about 21 or 22 and I was excited to go but I will never forget the rush walking into the Magic Kingdom, that place ges me so exicted and pumped up everytime I walk in to the park.

They are pretty easy going and love to goof around and have fun. I could tell them how disney is the perfect vacation for all ages but I know once we get there they will see what everybody is talking about.

Thanks for letting me know about the drink tour in epcot, I was not aware of that and it could be really fun. Im a beer fanatic and actually brew my own beer so that could be really fun.

Thanks again.


hehe, well it’s a self-guided “drinking tour.” :laugh: Not official! My best friend and I started doing it several years ago; make sure to have the “Fiesta Margarita” in MExico, the Norwegian beer, and if you want to try something different in Germany they have a mini “wine tasting” session in the WineKeller. We always finished the tour with a 1/2 yard in the English pavillion.

PS: I must be an old goober now 'cause I can’t even BRING myself to have one drink in WDW, it’s too dang hot during the day. :laugh:


Every OTHER country???

Geez what a lightweight lol

Beers Around the World is a MUST for a guy group going to Epcot. You dont need to worry about driving. However, do remember to be responsible since there are families all around.

I can safely say that your friends should have a great time as long as they still have a kid side. I thought I had lost mine, but after planning the honeymoon, I realized that it is far from gone lol


Have them watch the vacation dvd.


Please write a trip report when you’re back! I’d love to hear how your friends liked it.


But maybe not if they’ll just make fun of it.


just go on utube and look up WDW… there are a ton of things on there.


I will def post a full trip report for this one with pictures. We are gonna have a so much fun.


That’s the Disney spirit! :happy:


I checked out youtube, they had a ton of great videos. I saw one group that did a vidio of there trip. I could see myself whipping up something like that on my MacBook.

I got the whole trip booked today, we are all set to go. I have been laying on the Disney Spirit and they can’t wait now. I had a Disney World special saved on my cable box and that got them excited. I cant belive people who have never been to disney actaully ask, is it like six flags? I say that is not even close, Disney is the most magical place on earth and cannot be compared to any other place.

They will just have to wait and see. You all have been great with the help. Thank you.