3 Months To Go!


:blush: Will be going back to WDW for 10th trip in 10 years in October (one of our favorite times to go!)…can’t wait…the closer it gets the slower time seems to pass! Can’t wait to see the update on Pirates of the Caribbean:pirate: !


:laugh: I really need to slow down and read better. (I tend to speed-read.) At first I thought you said you were going to WDW for 10 years! :laugh: Wow, I was going to be REALLY envious then!!

I am jealous though, that you’re going in October! Such a wonderful time to go!! Please take notes so you can write us a trip report when you return. :mickey:


Dznygrl (:wub:) is right…October rocks. I think you’ll be glad you chose that time of year!

10 years is a long time! ALOT has changed!! If you have any questions - let us know! We can certainly help!

Where are you staying? HOw many days will you be going?


Yes, October is a great month to go… I have always liked Florida during that time of the year… :happy:


You must write a trip report!!! We will all be waiting for it!


Yeah, what MillerLite said - We demand a TR when you return!! :wub:


I’m getting excited for you! I have about 9 months to go and I am feeling the burn already! Looking forward to your TR!


Yes, please fill us in on all the juicy details! We live for this stuff! :happy:


Hello All! I am so sorry that I didn’t reply to any of your replies. I sent the thread and then craziness happened and I haven’t been on in awhile. We are going to stay off property this time - Celebration World Resort (just bought a timeshare there…we picked it b/c they allow pets - I just can’t bear to travel w/o my chihuahua named Stitch and none of the WDW resorts allow pets, so…) We are going to MNSSSHP for the first time - I am soooo excited! I will write all the details when I get back!


Have a great time,and please do write us a note or two or three,and let us know how your trip was.