3 more sleeps!


Our countdown begins! This time friday morning we will be packing the car. I went and bought ds his seasonal pass and Sea World tickets for us at the AAA office. So we are ready!

I am trying to gear up DS for the rides. He is 4.5 yrs old and believe it or not…refuses to go on alot of the rides. He seems to think they are all dark, loud, and scary. No idea why he thinks this. This trip I am going to try and get him on Buzz and Pooh. Last trip we got him on the People Mover (he hates the tunnels of course), and the Carousel of Progress. He does like Dumbo, Alladin, Small World, Philharmonic, Country Bears Jamboree, Carousel (in the sled…no horses), and loves the character interaction.

This trip I vowed not to get stressed out about ds not going on rides. It is hard though since I always dreamed my child would love all of disney like I did as a kid. But I also refuse to push ds into going on a ride. It is not that important of an event to make him that upset.


Wow - I wish I was there!! Don’t worry about your son. I think it’s that age. My DS and DD were the same way from about age 5 thru age 7. I think Cavey had this problem too last year. He’ll outgrow it. No matter what it will be a wonderful experience for both of you.


take this time to enjoy all the other things you can do together in the park. the rides will come - not to worry…