3-night cruise versus 4-night?


Hey veteran cruisers…I am trying to decide which cruise we are going to book for our 5-year anniversary next year. I think we decided we are going to spend a few days in WDW before the cruise, and then do a 3 or 4 night Disney Bahamian cruise.

Is there an advantage to having that extra night on the 4-night cruise? 3 seems so short, but it would save us some money and there’s one almost directly over our anniversary.

I’m just looking for any random thoughts or opinions on the 3-night versus 4-night.



On the 4 day you get an extra day at sea. It can be fun to enjoy the ship without worrying about excursions or getting back in time.


Any extra time you have on the ship would be worth it to me. You will not want to get off!


I always do the 3 day, as we usually prefer to spend 4 days at the parks. Not to mention saving money and I don’t want to be on the ship for a whole day…but that’s just me.


Thanks for the responses guys! :happy:

I think we will probably end up booking a 3-night cruise this time, because it fits our schedule better…it allows us to spend our anniversary in WDW, and it also makes our resort time a Sun-Thurs, which is going to save us a lot of money if we decide to rent DVC points.

I can already tell that it’s going to be hard not having that extra day on the ship though! I was just reading about DCL and I already didn’t want to get off the boat! :laugh: