3 night stay offered cheap


Help. I booked a 3-night stay at a deluxe studio at Disney’s Saratoga Springs for Nov. 19, 20 and 21, 2010, and now I can’t use it. Check in is Friday, Nov. 19 and check out is Monday, Nov. 22. If anyone is interested in going to WDW on these dates, please let me know. I can’t bank the points or cancel the reservation because the points expire at the end of November. I will entertain all reasonable offers. Thanks


Bummer…if I hadn’t just gone and not going in Dec I’d take them off your hands.

Hopefully someone will take advantage of these.


Darn! I’m already booked for November 20th to 24th.


Sending you a PM.


Just wanted to let anyone else know who might be interested in this offer. I’m discussing it with rjbarnhart but anyone else is still welcome to make an offer to him. My trip is not definite yet so please don’t hold back on my account.


Goodguy, I hope you get to go!!


Thanks neighbor! Still waiting for the DW to get home to discuss!


Well it looks like DW’s work schedule isn’t going to let us go during this time. Perhaps someone else is interested? rjbarnhart has been very gracious. Somebody would get a good deal here.


I still have these reservations if anyone is interested.


i work in retail:( i so wish i could go…


I still have these reservations. Send me a PM if interested. The price I’m asking is a great deal!


if the dates were right, I would snap that up in a heartbeat. did I already post something to that effect?


Oh mannn! That’s my birthday weekend too. :frown:

Wish I could…


flights are too bad for me, hope u find someone!


I just wanted to report that I found someone to take this reservation. I appreciate all of the interest and comments from other members of this board. Thanks again.


Glad it worked out for you. Only thing worse than canceling WDW trip is loosing the points too! :crying:


well thats great,I would have taken them but we are in san diego…so planning isn’t that easy on short timing…congrats once again…