3 questions


One: How ofethen does disneyworld change times of shows,parades? We are planning another trip fpr july 2010, I want to start planning the trip now. We missed some shows,caught a parade AFTER the parade had started. I was kinda bummed.

Two:Hmmm,slipped my mind now…Oh, I think it was, Will the Celebrate today theme continue into next year?

Three: does Woody’s cowboy show still run?

Thanks all.:wub:


that is a long way off …so a lot of things depend on the schedule changes …start worrying sometime next spring early it will all start to take shape then


I think you’ll have to wait a while before you can get definitivie answers, because they can change by the season etc so what might be on now, could be at a diff time or gone by time you get there. Sometimes they change things around quickly, other times they give something a looooong runtime, I dont really think theres much way of trying to think ahead of them to figure out what will change and when! For now, Id just look into planning your itinerary, adr’s, off property trips if you’re making any etc and then, closer the time, check out the times and events when there less likely to change!


Thanks. Great advice


I agree with the others. You have almost a year before your trip and a lot can change in that time. And as for your answer on Woody’s cowboy show, I believe they dropped that earlier this year. Have fun planning.