3 WDW Trips in 2010 & going again in October!


DH & myself traveled to WDW on 1/3/10. We only spent 1 day & 2 nights there. We stayed in a Pirate room at the Caribbean Resort.

The weather was extremely cold during our stay.

The day we arrived, after we checked in, we went to DTD to the Rain Forest Cafe. We had the Calamri & peach tea. yummmm

The next morning, we went to the AK where we went on a Safari, watched It’s A Bug’s Life (I love this one) & various other rides.

We stopped by Epcot. DH likes the hydroponic garden.

After a light lunch & a nap, we went to the MK. We rode several rides. We stayed for the night time parade. It was COLD!

We went back to our room for the night. We ate breakfast at our resort. Then we were on the road for home.


Monday-March 3, 2010

My husband & myself arrived at New Orleans French Quarter. Our room was on the 2nd floor. Of all the resorts we have stayed in, this was my least favorite. I didn’t care very much for the theme. Plus the walk from our vehicle to our room was extremely LONG. We were NOT happy.

We rode the water taxi to DTD. We went to the Rain Forest Cafe for the delicious calamari. They NO longer serve calamari!! Even though we ate something else, we were NOT happy!

After walking around DTD & being tired, we walked back to catch the water taxi. We waited, waited & waited… we waited 30 minutes along with several other people. We were NOT happy!!

We had a milkshake & ice cream at the food court. We stolled around the FQ where we took pictures. We were back in our room by 8 PM where we bathed, watched TV & got on the computer before bed time.



Up before 7 am. Breakfast at the food court before hitting the MK.

POC, HM, It’s a Small World, Buzz Lightyear, the Carousel of Progress & the People Mover were our rides.

Taco Salad at Peco Bills for lunch. Then, back to our room for a nap.

Off we went to Epcot to ride DH favorite ride, Living With the Land. Next came Figment.

We took the monorail to the transportation center. There we caught the ferry back to the MK. We didn’t have to do this. We wanted to.

Rode the train in the MK, watched some of the parade, ate a churro w/chocolate sauce & a pretzel w/cheese. We were tired so we went back to our room at 7:30.



After a breakfast of french toast, sausage & oj, DH & myself was off to the AK.

There we rode the Safari ride, train ride & watched It’s Tough to be a Bug. We ate lunch at the Flame Tree Cafe. yummmm

After our nap back at the resort, we walked around Disney Hollywood Studios.

I was chosen to be in a little comedy skit. I WON an award. In the picture it’s hanging around my neck. DH nearly left me. HA!

At 6:30, we were back in the MK. We shared an ice cream sunday. We rode rides, watched the fireworks & hung around until 9 pm. Then, back to our room.


The next morning we left for home.


Great TR - short, sweet and to the point…I like it!


Monday-July 12, 2010.

The cast: DH (69), our grandson (13), our granddaughter (9) & myself (59).

We brought our travel trailer & stayed at Ft. Wilderness Campground.

We had an ideal location. The comfort station & the bus stop was just a few feet away from our camp. The pools were a short walk across the road.We were in Loop 1500.

You can see the brown building nearby. That was our comfort station. It housed the showers & tolits. It was very convenient.

From where I was standing, our camper was directly across the road just feet away from the bus stop.

The grandkids had never been or stayed at FW. We decided to go exploring. We ended up at the beach & boat dock. Soooo, we caught the boat to the MK where we walked to the monorail. We road the monorail around & back to the MK. We caught the boat back to FW.

DGS grilled hamburgers & hotdogs while I walked around taking pictures.

We walked to the Sing-a-Long where DGD roasted marshmellows for s’mores & watch a Disney Movie.

DGD is not in this picture as I had been helping her make smores & my hands were sticky. I had to clean my hands in order to use my camera & she was done with the smores.

Then, we walked to the beach were we watched the water parade & the fireworks.

It was a good night. We were in bed by 11:30pm.


Thanks, MickeyEars. I actually make notes every evening after that day. I hadn’t posted my last 2 trips but I had my notes.

Now, I’m posting our most current trip. I hope you enjoy it.


Tuesday-July 13th

We were up early. I fixed bacon, eggs, grits & coffee for breakfast. We got ready, donned our hats, put on our sun screen spray & out the door we went. We caught the Out post bus to the campground bus stop. From there we caught the Epcot bus.

We were greeted by the characters. Donald Duck shook DGD’s hand. We rode several rides (test track, Figment, & more) got cooled off with the water spray & stopped by Coca Cola Kool for a few drinks. We NEVER drink the Beverly!

We went back to the camper for sandwiches & a nap.

We went swimming at the campground. They have 3 pools & 1 spa.

That evening, it was back to the MK for more fun & rides. We didn’t get back to our camper & in bed until midnight!


Wednesday-July 14th

Up early, we ate a quick breakfast. We were off to the Animal Kingdom. Once there we went on a short 2 week safari. We even got to see the lion which is rare.

No one wanted to go see It’s a Bugs Life except me. We didn’t do it. :frowning:
The kids played games & rode rides. DGD won a stuffed turtle. We sat & watched.

The kids wanted turkey legs.

They picked them clean.

We rode back to our camper by bus.

We took a nap. DGD actually insisted on a nap. She was that tired!

After our nap, it was back to the swimming pools.

After supper, we were off again to the MK. We watched the parade, fireworks & rode more rides.

We rode Slash Mountain & many other rides. We didn’t get back to our camper until midnight again.


It looks like you had three great trips.


Thursday-July 15th

Up early with breakfast ate, we headed out to Downtown Disney. We strolled around looking in shops, eating free chocolate & doing nothing special. During our trip I took 300pictures.

We ate ate the Rain Forest Cafe. I used my Disney Reward Dollars.

DGS ordered this:
The 3 of us ordered this:

The kids took time to play with the LEGO’s.

Here are a few things made with Legos:

We went back to our camper for a nap.

Since DH didn’t have a ticket, he stayed at the camper. I offered to buy him one but he was content to stay inside the AC camper & watch tv. LOL

The kids & I went to Disney Hollywood Studios. We ate supper at the Noodle Station. What they had advertised on a picture outside the restaurant, they NO LONGER have. We will not eat there again.

We watched the Muppets & walked around but we didn’t stay there long.

We headed by bus to … yes, you guessed it… our last night at the MK.

We spent three nights at the Magic Kingdom. We love it!

Here are a few things we rode…

The kids & I closed out the park. We rode our boat back to the campground. But, we had quite a long wait for our bus at the campground. DH even called us to make sure we were ok. But, a bus FIANLLY came & we were back in our camper in no time at all. It was about 12:30 before we were in bed.


Friday- July 16th

We woke up early & broke camp. No one wanted breakfast. We were on the road by 9 am. We stopped for lunch. We were tired.

During most of our trip, it stayed overcast which was nice. It rained a little every day. But, it wasn’t a wash out. There was only one bad storm. That was when we first arrived at DHS. Wicked lightening! It soon passed.

We closed out the Magic Kingdom every night we were there. We ate most of our meals at the camper. We did have turkey legs, churros, pretzels, Mickey Ice Cream & a lot of water.

We showered every night at the comfort station every night before we went to bed. Each of us had our own shower tote to carry our clothes, towel, wash cloth, soap & shampoo in. We all wore flip flops in the showers. Their comfort stations are really nice.

We were headed home. DH was well rested but we 3 were really tired.

But, I fell asleep, too.

As for DH, he was beaming! He was going home. He was one happy camper!!


Looks like you had a wonderful time! I bet it was a ton of fun for your grandchildren! What wonderful memories you’ve created with them!


Wonderful TRs, thank you for sharing!


Loved the tr! looks like you all had a blast!


Looks like fun trips! Great to see the “Electrical Parade” lights!


Great TR. I wish I lived close again to go that often!


I love your TR and the photos- thanks so much for sharing, makes my trip seem a bit closer too.


Thanks everyone.

DH & myself left Saturday morning for a quick weekend trip to WDW. We stayed at the PC resort. We had our tickets waiting for us there. We opted for the 10 day, NE, PH tickets since I have one more year before I can retire.

After we checked in, found our room (great location in front of the pool in the 1950s section), hubby took a power nap while I went exploring PC with my camera in hand. I got caught in a rain shower.

Back in the room, after DH woke up, we headed on over to the Epcot. Hubby likes the hydroponic farming system. Next, we were off to the MK where we walked right onto the POC. We did the Carousel of Progress but it broke down while we were on it. We were going to do the HM but the line was all the way to the entrance of it! I took a few pictures but not many during this quick trip.

We ate supper at the Liberty Tree Tavern. I misread the price & went into shock when the bill came. But, oh well, my mistake.

We stayed at the MK until 9 pm. We were tired. We returned to our resort where I changed into my bathing suit & walked out our door to the pool.

I did see something there that I am not use to seeing. There was a 20 something woman wearing a bikini thong. Her back side was totally uncovered except for her bra string & thong string (which you saw very little of). I was like :ohmy:

We were in bed by 11PM.

We ate breakfast at the resort. Before we left our room, I made ressies for NOFQ in October.