3 weeks to go!


So since i never did my trip report last year, maybe if i start one BEFORE I go it’ll get done! Here’s the cast of characters (pictures were from last year):
Seamus (2)
Nina (5)
Rose (7)
yes… i am driving from texas to orlando by myself with 3 young kids. My dh is disney’d out. but that won’t stop me :laugh:

We’re staying at the Pop. It’ll be the first time there for the girls and the second for me. They are SUPER excited about the computer pool! :blush:


Now for the game plan:
June 7th: leave texas EARLY and drive straight to tallahassee to stay with some friends for free!!!
June 8th: get up early and drive to Jacksonville to eat lunch and play with some friends, then head to Orlando in the afternoon. Staying at the Wyndham lake buena vista so we will swim, then go hit up earl of sandwich and meet up with my friends who are eating at T Rex that night:)
June 9th: Get up early, check into POP. get to hollywood studios as soon as it opens. it’s the last day of star wars weekends. Leave and go to the hotel at 3 or 4. at around 6 we’ll be heading over to the magic kingdom for dinner ressies at beast’s castle and to see the parade and fireworks. I scheduled (Dana booked them an AWESOME trip and i made them an itinerary around her AWESOME ressies) my friends to go to MK that day and we’ll be meeting up with them hopefully after Be our Guest!
June 10th: epcot, naps at the hotel, then back to epcot for dinner at the Garden Grill. we’re leaving after dinner to swim for an hour then get to bed early. We’ll probably meet up again with my friends.
june 11th: magic kingdom bright and early for princess makeovers, breakfast at cinderella’s castle. spending the whole day here and saying goodbye to my friends as they leave that evening:(
June 12th: early morning breakfast at hollywood studios play and dine (i will not punch Oso) then swimming later that evening at the hotel.
june 13th: magic kingdom in the morning to get seamus’ first haircut then animal kingdom in the afternoon (not a huge fan of animal kingdom, i go for the safari and everest which the girls won’t ride and seamus can’t so that’s out). back to the magic kingdom in the evening probably. Depending on my bank account at this point in the trip i may try to walk into Boma. I am trying to do as few buffets as possible because of being alone and lugging a 2 yr old around.
june 14th: early morning swim, then magic kingdom until 4ish because we have to go to Miami.
So that’s the plan! I am super excited and i think the kids will have a great time:) i plan on doing sorcerers of the MK, Agent P. and a couple other kid friendly things that we have NEVER done before!


Your plans sound exciting! So glad you’re getting another trip to the World. Your kids are adorable!


Wow sounds like you have it all figured out. Although I always believe you can never be too organized for Disney


Great plans! I’m looking forward to your TR!


normally i am not a planner, but i have a feeling that if this one wasn’t planned to a T it would end up in a big temper tantrum disaster lol! i KNOW nothing will go as planned as it never does!:blink:


ugh i typed up a whole long thing and it’s gone:/ so short version: we drove from San Antonio to Orlando and visited a bunch of friends along the way. We got to Orlando around 5pm on Saturday the 7th. Of course it was pouring rain so we got to our hotel for the night, the wyndham lake buena vista and got our stuff out of the car. We then hopped over to DTD for food at earl of sandwhich:) It was raining so we didn’t wander too much and opted to go swimming at the hotel instead. the pool was a ton of fun but not very warm. that was the whole reason i picked that hotel so i was somewhat disappointed the girls couldn’t get full use of the pool. but it’s alright, we needed to get showers and go to sleep early. the hotel itself was really nice! if you don’t mind staying off property, this is a great option. and it is literally right next to DTD.


The next morning we were out the door by 6am. We checked in at POP and our room was ready for us:) we unpacked and headed straight for HS! We got there JUST as they opened. I was pretty disappointed to not see storm troopers on top of the entrance:( Seamus LOVES storm troopers and one of my missions was for him to see one up close:) My other missions were to:
meet chewbacca: check
Meet darth vader and have seamus take a pic with him in his darth costume: check
have Seamus get a picture with a storm trooper: check
HAve the girls be Jedis : no go
The line for Jedi training academy was absolutely ENORMOUS! it was ok though because i could tell the girls REALLY didn’t want to do it. So we went to the writers nook to grab something unhealthy for breakfast. Seamus and Nina had Mickey cookies and Rose had a cinnamon roll as big as her head. I had a bite or two of it but wasn’t very hungry. we waited a long time but i was ok with that and prepared for it! Seamus loved Chewy, but by the time the photopass photog could figure out my camera he just wanted down lol. next we headed to darth to wait in another long line lol. but the picture was awesome and Seamus LOVED Darth! I took the kiddies to the HISTK playground and had a super scary moment. Seamus broke free and ran into a tunnel i couldn’t get into. i tried to find the other side so i could grab him but couldn’t find him. after what seemed like an hour of sheer panic i found my 5 yr old with him. i decided that was not a good idea to stay there so we headed out. we FINALLY ran into a couple bounty hunters, a gamorian guard, jengo fett, and STORM TROOPERS! my camera sucked and i didn’t get a good pic of Seamus with the storm trooper. But the photo pass guy did so needless to say i HAD to buy it:) He was super thrilled he saw his “stom toopers”!!! We left the park and headed to the POP for naps and a swim.


Yea! I hoped you would have time to write a TR!


Adorable!! Love his Darth costume!


Once we were done with naps, we got up and headed over to the Magic kingdom for our ADRs at Be Our Guest and for late night EMH. When we got there, we headed right to Mickey. I was super excited for Seamus to meet him. He LOVES Mickey Mouse. I had done a test run at Chuck E cheese to see how he would do with giant rodent and he did awesome! Plus he was so good with Darth Vader and Chewie, i thought no problem. all was well until our turn. i set him down to do the oh so cute run to mickey and he screamed his head off and ran away. he tripped and fell and started crawling away lol! well we got a pic, but it wasn’t the happy, tear inducing experience i thought it would be. But at least it was a laugh. After that we headed over to Rose’s favorite ride, the haunted mansion. then we expored the Rapunzel Area. Nina’s favorite movie is Tangled and this area was WONDERFUL! even just for bathrooms, stroller parking and charging stations! I felt like i was in her world:) Then we headed to Be Our Guest…


i took a lot of the Rapunzel area. they just did such a good job. i half expected to see her and Flynn come out and just hang out lol!


and even more of Rapunzel!!


We walked over to Be Our Guest and got all signed in. I thought the set up was really weird. we were stuck in Limbo on the bridge until our pager went off. Luckily it wasn’t raining or i would have not been too happy. It was a great picture taking spot but there was no where to really sit and I left the stroller in the room so keeping Seamus calm wasn’t fun.


Great tr.your children are adorable.


You are amazing, going to disney with 3 young kids by yourself. I can barely keep track of DH when we go.


My choice was no Disney or go to Disney alone with 3 kids since my hubby is over the mouse. :slight_smile: i made it work lol!!!:laugh:


Here’s some pics while waiting for dinner. The view and the details are awesome.


Simply put, this place is amazing. I am wondering how long it will be before it becomes a 2 table service credit for dinner. but more on that when we get to “princess” day. The girls had the chicken with pasta. as what would become a theme, Nina barely touched hers. Rose didn’t eat too much but said it was delicious. Seamus had the fruit cup and our awesome waitress brought out some extra for him:) For being “free” since he’s under 3, all the servers we had on this trip made sure he ate well!!! i assumed i would have to share mine or the girls food with him but everything was given to him “complimentary”! I don’t remember that happening with the girls when they were that little. I had the steak and it was DELICIOUS!!! the whole meal was wonderful!!! And of course the beast making an appearance was especially cool:) we ate in the ballroom but did wander into the west wing. it was cool but super dark. I like to see what i am eating lol! For desert i had the chocolate cupcake thingy and rose had the lemon thing. Both were beyond delicious! After the meal we went to meet the beast. Everyone was scared of him at first, but after a game of peek a boo he was a trip favorite!


One thing though, the restaraunt did seem to have a cafeteria feel to it if that makes any sense. it didn’t bother me at all, just an observation. here’s more pics…