3 Wonderful Days-The Trip Report


We began this adventure when I got a great discount code for a room only. Like always, I start fiddling with the dates and airfare, and to my surprise, found very cheap airfare (for April) for an early flight on a Monday, and late flight on a Wednesday. For whatever reason, all other options were almost double the price. I took it as a sign. Well, dh is part of the many people getting laid off and then starting a new job, so he didn’t have any vacation time. Kids were in school, so my natural response was to check with Mom, full well that I knew she would say no, because of being on a tight budget. WRONG! I had e-mailed her the idea and costs and within 5 minutes, she’s on the phone, calling me at work asking me if I was serious. My then response was “are you serious?!?” and 5 minutes later I booked the flight online, and was on the phone with Disney.

So it’s me and my Mom staying at Port Orleans French Quarter for three days. The flight was wonderful (Southwest) and arrived 10 minutes early. Only did carry on so I thought we were ahead of schedule, until I took the elevator to level 1 on the A side rather than the B. That began our new adventure, seeing the entire airport, as we walked around trying to find Magical Express. Now remember, Mom has severe arthritus so I was pushing her in a wheelchair, with two carry on bags. Then the laughing started. Boy, did I get a workout!

When we arrived, it just started raining as we were on Magical Express. From the picture below, you can see that it didn’t damper Mom’s mood at all!


So cute with the blue umbrella :smile:


We decided that with the scooter, it would be much better to stay at one park each day, rather than park hop. We chose Magic Kingdom for the first day seeing it was open til 11:00pm and Mom wanted a full day tomorrow at Epcot for the Flower and Garden Show.

The good timing continued on as we arrived at Magic Kingdom, the parade was just passing through. I ran up the stairs at the train station to get a perfect view. You see, this is the first time I have ever seen a parade. My dh and ds see parades as an opportunity to get on rides quicker seeing everyone else is gathered around the parade.


That is exactly what happened to Dh and I in January. for the first time we caught that parade from the top in the train station. Usually we are taking advantage of the shorter lines on rides.
I am glad you started your trip report, Beth :smile:


I have to say I become more and more impressed with Disney each time I go. Mom was able to go on so many more rides than I expected because of the Cast Members. For example, Haunted Mansion, they slowed down the moving seats for her to get on. She was a little shaky on her feet, in which one CM was right by her side while loading, and another had his hand by the stop button in case she couldn’t get on in time. Then the whole ride, I’m thinking, how in the world am I going to get her off. Well, just as we were getting to the end, I feel the ride slow down, and a CM right there. They have it down to a science, and must have called ahead at the end for assistance. This great service continued on through the entire trip.

After the watching the parade from the front, we starting zig zagging through, trying to get to Peco Bill’s for some lunch (been craving their chicken wraps for a year now!). Well, here comes the perfect timing again! As we were passing Pirates, the tutorial started up. Everyone starts gathering, but I head across the way. Mom starts questioning me where am I going, don’t I want to see my beloved Johnny. I know a little secret, and know where he’s comin out of, but don’t tell Mom. I tell her not to worry, and just then, there he is!!!


AWESOME PICTURE!! :heart::heart:

Sounds like a magical trip already . . . can’t wait to see more!


We continue the day after lunch going at a slower pace and enjoying some shopping also. It stayed cloudy the entire day, and had one more downpour before the rain stopped, but that’s okay, just went shopping at that time. By around 7:00pm Mom needed a break, in which we went back to the resort for a rest. Here’s a couple more pictures from the day.


After a rest, we decided to go to DTD. This is another place I rarely get to go, because with a household of boys, shopping is not in their vocabulary, especially when there is rides to go on.

POFQ has a boat that will take you directly to DTD. This is one of the times I was quite nervous with Mom on a scooter. You have to take it on the boat ramp, and if there is a one mistake, you don’t just bang into anything, you are in the water! I think she felt that way too because when it came to unloading it off the boat, she asked me to do it. In fact, I loaded the scooter on and off the busses also, as she always worried about running into someone by mistake. Here’s some pictures of the ride in. They didn’t come out too clear, but wanted to show you the new balloon (can’t remember it’s name). It was closed at the time we were there.


Love the TR! can’t wait to read more.


When we got off the boat, both of us had realized we hadn’t eaten in a while. Ding, Ding, Ding…Earl of Sandwich!!! I thought I would never get the opportunity to eat there because of lack of DTD time, so I got real excited. I have to tell you, this is probably the best sandwich I have ever had in my life!


I LOVE EOS…Boy does that look good!


After enjoying a wonderful meal, sitting outside, people watching, we got to enjoy many of the shops there. Had a very pleasant evening and called it a night.

I did forget to mention that when on the boat ride, you do pass the new tree houses. They were all lit up inside and got me very excited about looking into DVC again. I tried taking pictures for everyone to see, but the surroundings were too dark, so the pictures didn’t turn out. I guess everyone reading will just have to take a trip to see!

Will continue day 2 later on today. Have to get ready for Talledega (Nascar race).


What a wonderful start to your trip. Your mom looks like she’s a lot of fun, that smile says it all.


double post…bad computer, bad computer


Sounds like a great trip so far. Did you do a dining plan? Some how I can’t see how I could have ever got my mom to disney. She would have said “are you nuts?” But your mom looks like she’s ready to take on the world. And I do have to agree with your mom, I would have made you load the scooter too.


Sounds like you guys had fun! Can’t wait for more!


Great report. Sounds like you and your mom had a fun time. looking forward to more of your report.


Loving the TR and can’t wait for more.Keep it up and the pictures are great


ok- Your mom looks like she was having fun. That is a great gift- to be able to spend time and have fun with family. Glad that she was able to go and have a good time!


I have always wanted to fly down to WDW for 2 or 3 days and by the big smile on your Mom’s face it looks like it was well worth it. Thanks for sharing your pictures, can’t wait to read more.:mickey: