30 day disco!


Yes, it’s 30 days before my trip!!! I am so excited. Today was the last green link on our countdown chain…only three more colors to go!! I am paid, packed and ready to ROCK!


Congrats, Dana! :cool:

I’d just like to take a moment to say that as of today, I have officially entered Singledigitland. And while I may not be headed to a Disney destination, alas, I’m still going to Snoopydance. Carry on. :blush:


Congrats!!! It’s getting so close!!!


I know how you feel we 32 to go.


Disco your days away…
Lucky girl, I’m jealous, I need a Disney fix.


I’m not sure if 30 days does something to the time-space continuem, but the
D a y s - j u s t - s l o w - d o w n.


I am VERY EXCITED for you!!! These days are going to fly by!


How exciting!! The rest of the time will just fly, and before you know it, you’re there!!


WooHoo!! (Im 10 days right behind you!)


Excellent Dana!!

And Volde, good for you!! Gotta love the Snoopy Dance.

I am just under 3 weeks!! Yippee!!


Boy are you right … are we there yet?

are we there yet?

are we there yet? :sad:


congrats dana (and Voldemort)!! I am sure you are dancing like crazy!!


Congrats!!! Shake it Dana!

And Volde too…I see ya doing the Snoopy!


Shake it Dana!
I’ll shake it for you too… my coworkers won’t think anything of it since I’m always doing weird things at work.

I’m humming some Saturday Night Fever tunes for your disco right now…


Bitter, bitter, bitter!:glare:

Yay Dana - disco dance your little heart out! I went and bought new deodorant and toothpaste for the trip today - are you proud of me?:laugh:


I’m so jealous. You all have less than a month to go and I still have such a loooong time before I can disco dance. Think I’ll dig my disco ball out to give it a good cleaning. Maybe that will help the time go faster.:cool:


Congrats. I have about 62 days until disney myself.


wdwrules - you can dance, make up your own!! do the 120 dance tomorrow! and in just 22 days, you’ll be double digit dancing!!!


Oooh, can I join the dance too? I’m officially at 29 days, yippee!


That’s not what Boss Mouse just posted :laugh:

Oh and…Dana, dance your little heart out, you deserve this trip, it’s been a wild year for you :happy: