30% off rooms?


Did anyone else get the email from Disney for 30% off of rooms for select dates?
Does anyone know if that applies if you are booking packages, or just rooms only?
There’s no info online…they want me to call…I hate calling just to ask a stupid question.


What? Huh?? What dates??? I want an email!!!:crying: :crying:

Call them and tell them limsy wants one too.:laugh:


We never got an email…


we didnt eaither… is there a code?


Aw, man! I only got the 20% email!

But the percentage does look like it’s a room-only.


Here is what it says…maybe I got it because I sent for the planning DVD?

If your vacation dates are flexible,
Save 30%**
off the nondiscounted price for stays most nights
now through 2/2/08, 2/24–3/1/08, 3/30–4/12/08, 8/10–9/27/08,
10/19–11/1/08, 11/9–11/15/08 and 12/7–12/13/08.

**The number of rooms available for this discount is limited. Minimum

length-of-stay requirements may apply for Friday or Saturday arrivals. Additional

per-adult charges apply if more than two adults per room. No group rates or

other discounts apply. Advance reservations required. Offer is nontransferable.


Sound like the bounce back offer we had in our room over Christmas.

It also sounds like you have to have a PIN code that can’t be shared.


They did send me a pin, but I won’t share:ph34r: :laugh:


So what does a “bounce back” offer mean?


I got it too!!
When I ordered my vacation DVD I must have clicked it was our first time going to WDW even though I really swore I didn’t…anyway…because it was our “first trip” they offered us $109 a night for values in June OR if that didn’t work for us it was 30% off those nights you listed above.

Let me go look at my e-mail and see if it says anything about room only.


Yup, I just checked and it says under the $109 a night for values that it is room only. I am assuming that it means room-only for the other one as well. Is this what you got?


here is a question- if you book something like that and free dining is a better deal then would you be able to change? i might order a vacation dvd just to see if that works…(ok so I will do anything for a discount!)


no, mine is $119 for values for 2/18-3/15.
It doesn’t say anything about room only…I guess I’ll have to call.


can they really deny someone that asks for a specific discount if you ask about it when you call? How can the offer to some and not others without a claim of steering?


I would think free dining would be a better deal especially for your family. The e-mail makes it sound like it’s only available at value resorts…and free dining for you is a savings of what…around $200 a day?
You have to stay a min. of 3 days…so that’s around $327 dollars so you’d get around $33.00 off? Math’s not my strong point.
But I think if it was a couple just going down for a few days that might be a deal.

Come to think of it, it may not be that I accidentally put it was our first trip. Cozzy and I are pretty much the same demographic. Under 30, married without kids…try putting those statistics and see what happens:laugh: All in all, it’s probably just random luck. We probably won’t use ours either unfortunatly.:crying:


it would be just Ed and I for his business trip thing- not the whole gang… part of why im curious!


like 2/18 to 3/15 coming up?
It’s good they give you time to prepare.:laugh:


Call and tell them a friend of yours got an email for 30% off, and see what they say!


Than that would probably better for you then…but aren’t you Miss DVC now?? What do you need with a discount?:laugh:


I know! Maybe since I have no kids they figure I can just up and go on vacation any time I choose…I wish!:laugh: