30% off


Any idea on if this promotion will be extended? Maybe till the end of October?


that promotion was for “up to 30%” at select resorts. IF they run it, it will more than likely be near the expiration of the FREE dining promo. As a heads up, it more than likely will not apply to little mermaid rooms.


I am aware its an “up to” discount and I already have the little mermaid room booked. I was wondering about the actual week im going. If we can get a cheaper rate at a different resort, then I’d book that instead.


well well :blink: why so snippy? Dana is only offering REAL help


I put that in quotation to notate that it’s up to that percent because you titled this thread 30%, so I thought you thought the discount was that for everything. No one knows if it’s going to extend yet and I only mentioned the Mermaid because you are booked to stay there. Not sure why you are getting snippy either. I just answered your question.


I am booked at POP for October 7 through 11 (mermaid was booked). We booked with a AAA discount, I think it works about to be about 10 to 15 percent. It appears that Disney’s discounts probably won’t work on the holiday (looks like these are blackout dates). But, I am waiting to see if Disney releases a resorts only for the Fall past September 29th.

I did hear, however, that there are no discounts for the new resort. Good luck!


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