30 or 60 days in advance for ADRs?


I want to make ADRs for dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen, Blue Bayou, and Storyteller’s Cafe. Does anyone know if these locations accept ADRs 30 or 60 days in advance?

I know it’s still early but I am just curious. I couldn’t find anywhere on DL.com that specified which restaurants are how many days in advance.

PS: are those good selections? I’ve only been to BB out of those above.


Not sure about the ADR days in advance…let me think about it. But…your choices are great:)


I have walked by the Storyteller’s Cafe. It looks very POSH.

However, I too have only eaten at BB out of those above. I heard an ugly rumor that Pirates of the Caribbean is being refurbished and, as a result, BB is down in the meantime as well… :pirate:


UGH, I would be SO dissapointed!!! :frown: As far as I hear though the refurbishments should be done by the time we go in late June… I HOPE! :sad:



BB is my favorite place in all of DL to dine (in fact, it ranks among my favorites anywhere)! Don’t miss the Monte Cristo sandwich.

BB will indeed be closed during the entire PotC refurbishment, which runs from March 6 - June 16.


Is it me, or does DL lack the kinds of detailed fan websites that WDW has? I mean you can look up anything about WDW, but I’m finding it much harder to gt DL info.

I too am very interested to learn about ADR’s for DL.


ddoll - it REALLY does! Not as many of us hard-core DL fans out there are there are for WDW.

Wish - may I just suggest for Storytellers Cafe you try lunch or dinner? I’ve been twice for breakfast and been a bit disappointed both times. The food was “good” but the prices were also high. The inside is very lovely though, beautiful detailing all over the ceiling and walls, but maybe go when it’s not character time so it’s a little more relxed feeling.


Guess what???

Allearsnet now has a special DL Dining Section. It says PS’s (they don’t call them ADR’s there) can be made “up to 60 days in advance”. And they have all the menus there too!



WOO-HOO!!! Thanks ddoll :happy:


Yeah, it is a darn shame, but DL doesn’t get the love and attention it deserves! But I try at least!

That is cool that you can ADR/PS at DL 60 days out! I have never ADRed or PSed more than a week out, but I always go in the lighter crowd times of the year.

And Wish, do try Storytellers! :wink: The corn chowder is AWESOME!


I’m the same goof. We usually do our Disneyland PS’s about a week before we go, or the first thing when we get to our hotel. Even in the middle of july we were able to get into BB with a same day PS (after a chang on plans, we were very happy about this!)


WHOOPS, hiccup reply!!!


Oh wow, really? See, I am so WDW-minded, hehe. Where you MUST have a PS to get to eat where you want. Hmmm, maybe I won’t worry about it then! I really HOPE BB is out of refurbishment by June 27th b/c I will be heartbroken without it.

I STILL plan on making the “Fantasmic Dessert Buffet” PS. That one I KNOW you HAVE to call pretty much at opening 30 days before b/c it’s only for a very limited number of people. I hope I can get it~!


ooooooh Wish! I’ve always wanted to do the Fantasmic Dessert Buffet!!! Take lots of pictures of the food and spot! :smile:

As long as BB does open up in time for your trip though, I’d bet the PS’s will fill up really fast since it will have been closed.


Ooo, thanks Ddoll, I am DEFINATELY going to check that site out on Allears. Ooo, I REALLY hope the BB MENU doesn’t get a face lift along with the restaurant and PoC!!!
I keep telling my dad about the Monte Cristo!!!


Since we have a fairly large group going in September, we’ll need to call and book these PS’s as soon as the window opens.

We want to do the Fantasmic Dessert Buffet and BB.

Tell me more about Storytellers. That sounds good and the menu looks yummy.

Anyone have any photos of the restaurants?


Wish - The Fantasmic Dessert Buffet is one to ADR/PS waaaaay in advance though… You can slack at DL in many ways, but not for that one! :pinch: And since you are doing a summer trip you may at least want to do it a month or so in advance, because it will be more crowded…

ddoll - You are very smart to do the ADR/PS as soon as possible with a big group. A big group is always the most difficult to seat and you will be able to keep the group together that way! Smart! :wink:


Thanks Goof. Unfortunately they only accept ADRs for the Fantasmic Dessert buffet 30 days in advance of your dates. I also read that it usually sells out within FIVE minutes of the dining lines opening. SO, you better believe I am going to be on the phone at opening on May 27th, for June 27th. hehe. Then again on May 28th & May 29th if I don’t get the first night. :angel:


The good thing is that you have a few days in which you can call in and reserve if you don’t get it the first day… You will need to set up a speed dial for the dining line! :tongue:

Oh, and not that I am counting or some computer geek or anything, but you will want to call on May 29th for June 28th. This is because there are 31 days in May! :tongue: :blink: :wacko:


Do you know if you need to be staying at a Disney hotel to make PS reservations for character meals or other meals? I did this last time I went to WDW, but I was staying on-site. Here, I will be staying nearby, and I don’t remember what the PS rules were for WDW! :blush: Thanks for any info!