30th Anniversary Trip


Hi all. Just sitting here at MCO waiting for flight two hours from now (because ME is so efficient!) and wanted to share some thoughts.
As you would guess by my title, DH was with me. Also, his Sister and best friend joined us for the first half. Lots of giggles were to be had and change ups to what we did and how hard parks were hit due to how everyone vacations so differently. If my Sister were with me, we would have accomplished quite a lot more, as we are two peas in a pod, but hubby likes taking things slower and more relaxed, which I’m good with too.
I’m a creature of habit, so get sad when Disney constantly change things up. Literally heartbroken when they told me no more Chicken Pita sandwiches at the Mara. Also, they cut down all the foliage around our usually hidden hot tub at Jambo House, so soooooo much more people using it because they can see it. Including 10,000 kids. I honestly don’t understand why kids are in there. Not healthy whatsoever (many articles about it). Also, the “respect” of adults only for certain things (hot tubs, bars, etc.) has been eliminated over the years. Just seemed like this trip kids ruled the roost rather than parents in charge.
All in all, trip was good. CMs as always fantastic. And, if anyone hasn’t gone yet, Flight of Passage is phenomenal!!!


Did you stay at Jumbo or Kidani? Any issues with the room security checks?

We went on Flight of Passage…great ride but the queue is about 7 miles long and I’m talking FP. First time I pushed DH in a wheelchair. Second time he walked and pushed the wheelchair. We had to keep letting people go by because we were going so slow.

Congrats on the 30th anniversary.


Thanks Jo Jo. We were at Jambo (funny, I’ve stayed at all DVC resorts except CCV and Jambo is my all time favorite and Kidani is my least favorite. I’ll stay at SSR or OKW before Kidani). Security/trash pick up was seamless. Took place every day. We left the room at various times of the day and returned at different times, and each return to the room, the trash was already picked up. Zero affect on our vacation style. I LOVE. Jambo!!


We love Jambo as a resort. We are very happy to sit by the indoor fireplace. I remember some years ago, sitting outside by the fire pit and reading books. Like we never ever ever have a chance at home to read… :roll_eyes:

We have always felt if we had to be stuck indoors at a resort, it would be Jumbo.

But I do like having a room on a lower floor at kidani for animal watching. After our last trip (right next to the pool in what was suppose to be a savanna view :scream:), we may not visit again for awhile

Good to know about the trash/security. I’m actually looking forward to trash pickup at BLT. Who thought it was a smart thing to have trash and ice on 3 or 4 floors out of 16??