30th Birthday dinner booked!


So, I had originally reserved Hollywood Brown Derby for the night of my b-day, (may 9th), which also happens to be a fantasmic night. I LOVE fantasmic. :wub:

So last night, my WONDERFUL fiance slipped and informed me that he went ahead and booked a Wishes Cruise !!!
Dinner at Artist Point, then onto the cruise!!

I am beyond excited. I can’t believe he actually did that ! He is awesome in every other way EXCEPT surprising me LOL.


Sounds like a great time. You will have to let us know how well you like the cruise. Have Fun and Happy Birthday!


Will do! Thanks!


Wow that’s wonderful, what a thoughtful fiance you have- enjoy your birthday celebrations and your trip- and let us know all about it too.


AP has some seriously unbelievably good food! Enjoy, and happy birthday!


I’m so happy for you have a wonderful trip and enjoy your dinner :happy:


VERY romantic!:wub: I love Artist’s Point. My husband gave me a snow shovel for our first anniversary.:glare:


Your husband Llama and my husband must be related…LOL…

BLTLDZ have a wonderful time!! What a great way to celebrate a birthday!




That sounds like it will be a great evening!


a girls dream before getting married to take a cruise