33 days


OMG I am starting to feel sick everytime I think about our trip! I found the packing list sticky on the forum, so that is helpful.
Anyone ever lose thier luggage on the way to Disney? We are on 3 flights just to get there, I have a bad feeling about it!:blow:
Any tips for first timers?
we received our ME stuff in the mail, what else does Disney send out before a trip?

dumb Q…so you can’t bring the spray suncreen on the plane do they have it at Disney? and is it expensive?


How many bags are you checking? If more than one, pack a variety of clothing for everyone in each bag as opposed to each person having their own bag. That way if one gets lost, you still have clothes. We also ship a box down before the trip that includes snacks and, you guessed it, a full change of clothing for everyone. Oh, and don’t worry too much about it. If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen and you can’t do anything about it. Just keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t! :happy:


Pack less and each take a carry on you can “gate check it” check with your airline . . . my cousin does this when she flies with us . . . she leaves it with the carriages and wheelchairs at the end of the ramp, and then it’s waiting for her when she gets off . . . no baggage claim for her and she knows her stuff is on the plane!


Rlander & I were commenting on our last flight how many Carry On’s people had. I would say more than 1/2 the plane carried on their luggage. That is becoming more and more popular I think.


I am with everyone else, pack a change of clothes on your carry on, just so you have them, if you need them. I am thinking you can’t carry on your sunscreen. You can buy it at WDW, but it will be more expensive. Also make sure you have enough medications to last for several days, in case you lose a bag. Everything will be fine, I can’t wait to hear about your trip!


How does that work? just sending a box to the hotel? They keep it for you?


It’s only like a dollar more! I buy the spray on at Target 7.99 . . . at WDW it was 8.99 . . . I was pleasantly surprised!


Yes, and if it doesn’t fit in the overhead they gate check it . . . so then you can by pass the baggage claim . . . it is sitting there at the bottom of the ramp when you get off . . . and I guess anyone could go by and grab it . . . but I guess the same can occur at baggage claim too! Right?


Yep. Just send the box addressed to yourself and the resort you’re staying at. Put on the box the date of arrival. They store it in the back until you check in! We’ve done it every year. It’s an awesome way to not have to pack as much. Make sure you have room in your luggage to take anything back with you that arrived in the box. We take an extra duffle bag just in case.


That is quite possibly one of the best travel tips I’ve read in a long time! THANK YOU for sharing it!


We always mix up our clothes so everyone has clothes in each bag that way no one is going w/o clothes while everyone else has plenty. I also pack my son’s clothes in gallon ZipLock bags. Each bag has everything he needs to get dressed each day. That way I don’t have to pick out clothes each day and my DH isn’t asking me 20 quiestions while trying to help. It really helps us get out of the room smiling each day.


You’re welcome! It’s the paranoia in me that comes up with stuff like that. :laugh:


Oh my word! I have enough trouble getting up enough nerve to get on a plane with a direct flight, let alone 3!!! How did that happen? Wouldn’t a nice drive better suit nerves?


If you can try and pack very lightly and bring it all with you. That is the best advice I can give. That way you have it all and it is with you at all times. Other thing…if you can’t pack lightly make sure you bring clothes for everyone in your carry on just in case they lose your luggage.


Oh don’t get me started! LOL
we had a lovely flight scheduled ( no direct’s here from Maine though) 1 stop is fine, and then Delta went and changed it on us, had us leaving florida at 3 ish and getting on a connecting from boston to maine in the morning while we were still in florida!?:eek: what a mess it was
Disney finally worked it out but had to do 3 flights:ohmy:
but checked today on Delta and SUPRISE it’s a mess again, husband is home today and maybe we can fix it again