333 SSR pts for Transfer, rent, Etc. $10 pp


Any new points are about $11 per point

All gone. Thank you everyone. Have just bought more and will have another 500 available by Monday. See new thread then

I have a total of 333 SSR points for transfer, rental, etc. 50% at the time that the reservation is made, 50% when I send the written confirmation.

Will accept personal checks, money orders. Will take paypal if you pay the paypal fee.

Transferring points are a little complex. You must be current with your maintanence. The transfer takes on the same use year that I have, theoretically. However, there seems to have been some DIS members who have written that the transfer takes on the use year that I am transferring to.

The 2006 use year points must be transferred to your 2006 use year.

The 2005 use year points can still be banked for 2006 since I have an extending banking window as I have just closed on these points.

Any questions, etc. PM, email or call me at


I PM’s you today. Hope to hear from you soon!