36 hours!


And we will be in Disney for the first time! My son is sick, 103 temp, I’m freaking out! Just curious, are there ATM’s in the parks, or should I bring travelers checks?



I’m pretty sure each park has at least 1 ATM, but I may be wrong. I hope your son feels better in time!


Oh no! I hope you can get in and have him checked for strep or an ear infection before you go. I know my doctor isn’t big on throwing antibiotics at us but we’ve been in a situation where we had to be out of town and my son was sick/had a high fever and she ran a strep test and gave us a prescription just in case we needed it once the test results came back. We’ve had the quick test come back negative only to have the long test come pack positive a couple of days later so she wanted us to have what we needed and not be stressed.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Thanks! We are going barring hospitalization! I’m hoping it’s just a little bug, he’s been looking foward to this for a long time.


I just peaked at my park maps, and there are ATM machines scattered throughout the parks. You can also hook up a cc to your Key to the Magic (park ticket/room key) and then not have to worry about carrying cash.

Have a magical time and I hope your son feels better! My DD9 came home with a 101.5 fever today too . . . we’re going to Blizzard Beach Sat. so I hope she feels better too!

Have a Magical time! :mickey:


There are ATMs, but keep in mind the extra fees you’ll be charged.
You’ll do better if you use a debit card, assuming your ATM card is also a debit card.
Another alternative, if you have a credit card and are traveling with a computer is to use the credit card and nightly, go to the credit card’s web site and make a payment for your day’s spending. This way, you won’t have any extra fees or extra interest.
If those options don’t work for you, go with the traveler’s cheques.
And also remember that if you’re staying in a Disney resort, you can charge to your room and then use the debit card to settle your bill, either nightly or on check out day.

I really hope your son gets better fast. If you’re flying, or even driving, it’s going to be a rough trip for him.


I personally like charging my purchases to the room key, then paying it off with my credit card when we leave. You can even pay it off with your debit card. But this way you get an itemized statement of everything you purchased.


That’s what we always do. We do take some cash but charge most things once we check in.


I hope he feels better. I had Bronchitis about a week before we left for vacation. Once I got antibiotics, I was back on my feet, skipping to the airport.:laugh: I’m sure he’ll come around.


Get him to the Dr before you leave!! The last thing you need to do is spend the night in the ER while on vacation (believe me, I had to do it with my daughter!!- no fun!!)

Have a super great time!! We can’t wait to hear about it on your return!!


Let us know please. I hope that he is better today! Please let us know how the trip was when you get back. Have a good time…


I hope your son feels better and you guys have a great time! The first time is always so magical!


If he needs medical attention when you are down there (I hope not), on our last trip we used CentraCare as listed in the resort info. They picked up my daughter and wife, diagnosed strep, took them to a pharmacy, and then back to the resort. From phone call until they got back to the resort was about 4 hours which I didn’t think was bad at all.

Good luck!



I hope he feels better and you have a great time!


I hope your son feels better! Like DisneyTeacher said, you might want to have the dr prescribe something to have with you just in case. We’ve had the same scenario of one test telling us one thing and the extended test telling us the opposite. Better to be safe than sorry.

As far as ATM and travelers checks, I love backing the room key with a credit card, that way I don’t have to keep up with anything else. I hate carrying lots of cash around with me because I’m always afraid I’ll lose it, but we used very little cash and just charged to our room, much easier.


Oh I hope your son feels better in time for the trip too- my daughter has had one or two ilnesses over the years whilst at Disney and the medical care was excellent ( we also used Centra Care too) so fingers crossed thats not needed- have an awesome trip!


Cash is for tips to mousekeeping, bell services, and valet.:whistling