4 Parks in one day TR


Pete needed a day off, I needed a day off from…oh yeah, I don’t have a job! Anyhow, we went to WDW again yesterday. We had originally planned on only doing AK and MGM since we did the other 2 last week, but we did all 4 parks 'cause we’re nuts. :blink:

I got Pete out by 9:10AM (a MIRACLE), and this time we hit only minimal I-4 traffic. We were in the parking lot for AK by quarter to 11. No parking fee (I :heart: being an AP holder)! We slather on the sunblock and jump on the tram. We run to Dinosaur :crying: and it’s only a 10 minute wait (surprising, 'cause the parking lot was very full). I almost barf after we get off - I hate that ride, but Pete likes it. We make our way to the Safari, but there is such a crowd just trying to GET a fastpass, that we decide to skip it. The animals are only really active in the early morning anyhow. I really enjoy AK because I like being able to stroll in a leisurely manner through the gorilla and tiger trails. We did both and loved it. Next we picked up a FP for It’s Tough to be a Bug (I could skip this, but Pete really likes it), did the tiger trail, and then came back. They didn’t collect our FPs, so afterwards we gave them to a couple of women, then headed to MGM.

Again, no matter what park we go to, we ALWAYS have to park on the side of the line furthest from the tram pickup (go fig, huh?). It’s too far to walk, so we tram to the park, I pick up a FP for Aerosmith (my return time is 3 hours away), and skip the TOT because standby is 25 min, and Pete chickens out on me again. It’s more crowded, but the crowds seem to be mostly concentrated in Aerosmith, Indy, the new race car stunt show, and the kiddie rides. We grab a turkey leg, hotdog, and Bud, and park it in the shade to eat, sharing our table once again with a couple from NY. I think everyone should share tables if there’s just 2 of you, it would make life so much nicer.

I’m feeling mighty refreshed after my beer & hotdog, so we take a walk to the Great Movie Ride. It’s a 25 min. wait, so we look at all the sidewalk handprints, when what do you know! All the characters come out of the door right in front of us to head to the square under Mickey’s sorcerer hat, and they all hi-five us as they go by:

Chip & Dale, Lilo & Stitch, Pluto, Goofy, and Mickey (who blew me a kiss and made me giggle like a kid)! This was a really amazing moment because we were standing right next to this seemingly plain door and no one else was around.

We rode the Muppets 3D with no wait, but someone brought a baby in screaming its head off and I was shocked that they didn’t take the baby out 'cause it SCREAMED through the entire show. I thought that was REALLY rude and inconsiderate. Afterwards we headed to the Great Movie Ride w/a 10 minute wait, and then to Aerosmith.

Pete wussed out again, so I gave his FP to a lady standing near me, and got in line in the middle of a group of about 20 obnoxious, rowdy teenagers, 5 of whom were in front of me to begin with. During the course of the wait, they all kept hopping in front of me, one by one, until I finally said, “You know what? Since there’s 20 of you and 1 of me, I’m just going to get in front of you, rather than get bumped all the way to the back of the line so you can all be together.” I got no argument, and skipped to the front of 15 people. Unfortunately, I was wearing a V-neck tank top, and when we went through the 1st loop I fell out a little bit. :noo: Lucky guy next to me.:pinch: Ever tried to move your arms with that harness on? Fixing myself before the end of the ride sure was a challenge!

We were starving, by now it was 5:30, so we headed to EPCOT to find some food. NO ONE was there, we walked right on Mission:Space, then to the Cantina in Mexico for some food. We stopped again in Germany for a Spaten, again in France for chocolate mousse and cheesecake, then we did Spaceship Earth with no wait (I was shot, it was around 8PM) and almost fell asleep. We decided that if we could sneak in the Contemporary parking, we would see Wishes, otherwise, we’d skip it and go home so we wouldn’t have to fight our way out afterwards.

We managed to get in the Contemporary lot, took the walkway to the MK, and the time was 8:38PM. We literally ran to the Haunted Mansion, ran right through the doors (no line), Pete’s knee gave right before he got in the door, and I had to haul him in before they shut the doors on him. After the ride we limped to the end of Main Street, saw Wishes, and went home. What a great day:wub:


That is AWESOME! (well, except for Pete’s knee, and your issue on RnR)

You get the title Parkhopping QUeen!


Great report, thanks for posting.


That is one way to get to all the parks in one day! I love these little trip reports! Keep them coming.


That is a perfect day. Thanks for the report. I needed a fix! Sorry about Pete’s knee.,…ouch! Hope it’s feeling better today. I had to giggle about your wardrobe mishap on RNR…been there wished it didn’t happen and thank God my DD was next to me and not a teenage boy…lol Can’t wait for more of these day trips. I love hearing about them!


Great TR, Thanks for posting it. I wish I could just run to WDW for a day…That would be neat. Sorry about aerosmith ride and pete’s knee. Sounds like you had fun.


Sounds like a perfect day with the exception of the mishap on RNR and Pete’s knee. You are so lucky to be able to go any time you want.


I feel like I should keep hoping you don’t get a job so you can just keep going to Disney for mini trips. :flowers:


All I can say is WOW!!!


Man alive! Four Parks! One Day!
I am so completley jealous of you.


Wow VERY cool TR! And thank you for that little tip- I am going on RnR this year, so no V-neck tank tops!


Oops I meant to edit… oh well I was GOING to say sorry about Pete’s knee and till him all us DCers hope he feels better! :biggrin:


What a great day–thanks for sharing it with us. I can’t believe you did all four parks in one day, how fun. I had to laugh about your wardrobe malfunction, I am so sorry.


Every time I’m there I keep wishing a DCer would be there too. I’ve never seen anyone with a DC pin, but I wish I had one so I could be spotted if one of you is there at the same time.:heart:


I am so glad you decided to post the report. Sounds like a great day. Don’t you love when you get lucky enough to be in the right place to catch the characters. I had to laugh at your “wardrobe malfunction” on the roller coaster, but be grateful that it wasn’t caught on camera…imagine all the people who would have bought that picture!!


Thanks for the great report, Jenny. I bet if you promise to sit next to teenage boys on RnR you’ll get to the head of the line EVERY time.


RnR is my new favorite ride. :eek:


What a trip, EJ! So now you’re right up there with Janet Jackson! Hope the FCC doesn’t hear about this!


Great TR! It sounds like you guys had a really great day. You are so lucky to be able to go to WDW whenever you feel like it!


Something to strive for , 4 parks in 1 day.