40% Off Deluxe Resort PIN?


I recently read on disboards that a batch of the “40% off a deluxe resort” PINS were released a few weeks back. Did anyone get one? I’m so bummed that I didn’t. Has anyone received any promos within the past month?


Hmmm… I’m pretty sure I did get that one. Didn’t pay much attention since a trip isn’t in the plans right now!


I got one. Don’t need it because I’m a DVC member, but I don’t think they were actually sending it to me. It had my Mom’s last name on it, but came in my e-mail. I guess what I’m getting at is Disney still needs work on their e-mail system, so I would call and see if any discounts are connected with your name. My Mom would never know she had that offer, because they sent it to me instead of her, but Disney still has it connected with her name.


Just got another one in the mail today.


Yes, I have gotten three of them. Just like Beth I’m a DVC member and I don’t use them. Someone once said to order a vacation planning dvd…it will get you name in the Disney database.


We’ve ordered a Vacation video/dvd every year since 2000 and never received a pin. They have my name all over the place at Disney and still nothing. :angry::crying:


I wish I could past them on. Btw love your avatar! I never had my camera in time…I can’t wait for 12/17.


I am SO jealous!!! I receive mail/emails from Disney all the time, but I never receive a PIN code. I wish it was possible for people to pass them on to other people! I have a $6000 vacation planned and this would save me so much money! :crying:


Call Disney. Really. I don’t know how many times I have read Mousebuzzers say they called and found out a discount code was connected to their name. It doesn’t hurt to try. Let us know!


If you are thinking of a trip:
1.) Call reservations and have them pull up your name and see if the system sent a note to another address. If so they will honor it.
2.) If not on the list ask them for their best price.
3.) If it does not equal the % off that is out on the web ask for a manager and see if they will meet it. They have done this for other MB’rs.


I just got a 40% off resort pin in my e-mail this morning!
Wish I could pass it on, to someone who could use it…


I called them and turns out there was nothing attached to my name :frowning: However the agent I spoke to was wonderful and gave me some advice on how to maybe get one sent to me. Update your profile, request the DVD etc. But I think we already all knew that. It just bums me out that other people are getting them right and left! Grrr…hahah. Oh well…when it comes a little closer to my booking time maybe I will try what Pam&Rich said. Thanks guys!


I just got one in the mail today too. This is an expensive year for me as my daughter is graduating from high school, so of course we are having the big party at the end of June. I won’t even discuss college costs. You can use it in December and I always wanted to go then, so who knows…


Right there with you. DS graduated this past Saturday and the party planning begins this weekend. I’m in denial about how much college is costing. I keep thinking I need to throw Miracle Grow on the money tree!


I wrote last night on this thread and low and behold today we got our 8th offer in the last 8 months. Crazy.

Unfotunately our trip to VWL in March is all the budget will allow since the $$$ were already spent. Oh well. They must be wondering why we are not onsite 3x a year over the past 3 years.


Just got it 2 days ago, we booked WL for the end of November!! :wub:


Just updated my profile…hoping to get a pin for 2011 when they come out.


Just got mine today. Wish I could go but we are waiting until next summer so the kids don’t need to be taken out of school again


Ditto. Maybe they have something against Cheeseheads. :ph34r:


Got one for 40% for the first time ever!!! Wasn’t 100% committed to a trip this year until the discount…that and the fact we were able to actually get ADR’s for LeCellier…hope it lives up to my expectations after years of trying to get in. 160 days!!!

p.s. anyone know how to add the Disney counter to your tag line? I’ve found it under options but can’t acces it. Is it only available after reaching a certain point?