400 days too many!


400 days to go till our next trip! The wait is already killing me, especially when I got a text at 6.50am from a work friend who was about to board the plane on her way for two weeks at WDW! How am I going to contain myself for 400days?

Side Note: We were watching a few of the old vacation planning dvds tonight, keeping the magic alive and all that jazz, and the little boy from next door who’s 2years old came in. He’s never been to Disney and he is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. As soon as he seen the castle on the TV he was gobsmacked! He couldn’t turn away and kept saying, “WOW!”, it was so adorable! I think Ill have to put him in the suitcase next trip!


Oh that is a long wait! That’s why I book/plan my trips 4-6 months out, couldn’t stand that long of a wait! I’m also the type to set up “buffers”, like other big days(Christmas, birthdays, other hokidays I love or other big events) to count down as well, so I have something to take my mind off that. I’m getting married next April, so my buffers are our Disney trip in 18 days, our next trip back home, Christmas etc to keep from going crazy lol.


I had a 375 day wait when I first booked this coming Christmas trip. Time has really flown by to tell you the truth. I am below 150 days and starting to map out possible ADR’s. It has been a little bit tortureous, but also very calming to know that I WILL be going back.



That little boy does need a Disney trip! How stinkin’ cute is that??! I :wub: it!


400 days is a long time, no doubt about it. But you have all of us crazed WDW addicts to commiserate with you.

By the way, I just love “gobsmacked.” :happy:


399! Out of the 400 mark now lol! Im pretty sure 400+ days is the longest countdown we have had! I think Ill be less crazed when I get back to uni and have all that work to keep me busy, before Ill know it Ill be on that plane lol!

The cutie next door was back again today asking to watch more of ‘Mic Mouses’ House’ lol, adorable!


Awe…the kidlet next door sounds adorable.

Yeah…398 days is a lot, but its not forever…there is a million things you can do to help pass the time.