400 Points for sale


400 Points for sale on April 1st, 2006 and currently offering them for $10.00 per point in 100 point increments. If we can sell the entire package, the 400 points will go for $9.00 per point.

Our home resorts are SSR and HHI. We can only book 11 months in advance at SSR or HHI and 7 months in advance at other resorts.

We expect to be paid promptly in the following manner. 50% at the time you get the confirmation as outlined above and 50% when the written confirmation arrives from Disney (usually within 2 weeks).

People that are interested should email me at mblumster@aol.com or you can also call me at 253-846-8888.

Disney Point Chart http://tagrel.com/Points/DVCPointCharts.shtml


Welcome to DC! I don’t need your points at this time but it is always nice to welcome a new DVC member to DC. :cool:


Thank for selling me all your points.

You are great to work with.



are they still available?


I wouldn’t think so.

It appears Gblast123 bought them…


Bummer, I would really have wanted to buy some of them. Maybe another time.

I am looking for points for late January early February


still got the pts?
mr bill <><