4,568 Minutes & Counting


We are leaving for Disneyworld Saturday morning at 7AM!!! I cannot wait to get there…thank you o all of you that gave me the advice to help me through this 9 month planning & worry circus. I will post pictures when we get back…if anyone wants me to check out anything specifically while we are gone let me know…WhoooooooHooooooo!!!:laugh: :laugh:


How exciting! I hope you have a wonderful trip! The family I work for will be there the same time you will be…looks like the weather will be gorgeous!

We can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!


Oh please take pictures of the castle all lit up…thanks and have a great trip!!!


Have a wonderful time!! Take lots of pictures. Are you driving or flying?


Have a wonderful trip! :smile:


Have a wonderful time… take lots of pictures.


Have fun!!


Have Fun!!!


down to the minute - and dh teased me for being down to the hour!! lol - seriously, have a great trip & be sure to come back and do a picture filled trip report!!


Really, I think you’d be more excited!:laugh:

Have a great time!! Enjoy all the magic.:happy:


4568 minutes… just remember, every 60 seconds we lose another minute in this country…:biggrin:


How exciting! Have a fabulous trip and be sure to include details with the pics when you return. :happy:


Oh I am so jealous - I would LOVE to go to WDW this time of year!! Have a blast and take lots of pictures to share with us when you get back! :wink: :happy:


I will be there too!! I leave on Thurs! Take pics of everything! Have a blast!!