4th night FREE for fall!


I saw this on Mousesavers and hadn’t seen it talked about here at DC, so I thought I’d post it. Sorry if this is already posted and I missed it.

“4th Night FREE” is Back!

With this offer, book four consecutive nights at any of the three on-site Disneyland resorts through Expedia and the 4th night is FREE. You must check in no earlier than 10/1/06 and check out no later than 12/22/06. A few blackout dates (mainly around Thanksgiving) apply. Subject to availability.

Here is the link!!

I tried searching the DL site to see if it was being matched by them, but I couldn’t find any availability on the dates I put in :huh: So…I’m not sure if rates are being loaded, or if if I can’t get a rate because I’m, well, you know :redface: doing something wrong, lol.

Mickey from Mouseavers, or someone else here, may know if DL is going to do the same for those of you that would rather not book through Expedia :mickey:


Thanks for the info! :happy:


Oh that’s cool! We may be going around that time!


Where’s ingamba? :excl:

(deja vu) :huh:


Oh man! I got so excited when I read “fall” thinking I could get a break for September. Too bad. :sad:


I found that if you went through EXPEDIA, they would let you know which nights were available.:wub:

I might actually do this in October, as my heir apparent turns 13 and becomes an honest to goodness teenager! :ohmy: