5 Adults?


I’ve always gone to Disney with DH and DS’s, adding up to 4 people, so never thought about what do you do with 5? Thinking about going in February with my Sisters and Mom, which would add up to 5 adults. Which resorts and rooms can handle 5 adults?


I am not sure if they allow it, but both the Contemporary and Polynesian have two beds plus a a day bed.

Alternatively you would have to go with one of the Vacation club resorts.


I think you would have to at least go to the Poly,because the rooms there have 2 queen beds and a day bed.


Will there be 5 adults and a child (your son)? How old is he?


I think there might be extra charges for more than 2 adults in one room. But I am not sure about this. I do remember the Poly had 2 queen beds and a daybed when we where there.


I think it’s $25 per adult after 2 adults at the deluxe resorts, $15 at the mods and $10 at the value but I may be wrong.


I just looked on Disney.com for you. All of the Deluxe resorts have a maximum of 5 people in the room, except one of them has 6. AKL or Wilderness Lodge, you have to book a Deluxe Room in order to get 5 people in. There would probably be an extra charge for the extra person, but atleast you know that you can get 5 people in any of the Deluxe Resorts.


Beach Club also allows for 5 adults, I believe. Good luck!


Have you considered a cabin at Fort Wilderness (sleeps 6 with a full kitchen) or a family suite at All-Star Music (also sleeps 6, kitchenette). You can also do two connecting rooms at any value resort. All three of these options are cheaper than any of the deluxe resorts that will sleep 5.

By the way, neither AKL or WL sleep 5 in a standard room, you have to upgrade to a deluxe room.


I wouldn’t cram five adults into one room no matter where I was staying. You may be best off with two rooms at a moderate or a value…two bathrooms, four beds and all that. I would do that or look into getting a studio or one bedroom at a DVC resort.


I agree with Mickey, try the family suite at All-Star Music or even two connecting rooms at any of the value resorts. Four beds, two bathrooms and two TV’s, 'nuff said.


I have to agree…5 Adults in one room is just REALLY too tight! And what about showers and getting ready?? It would take forever. Go for 2 rooms at a Moderate.


I agree. Two bathrooms makes life so much easier.


Agree with Dana…We stayed one time at the Contemporary, myself, DH, DD(4), DS(1) and my sister. We were not super cramped but I can only imagine 5 adults in one room would be way too tight. 1 bathroom, 5 people way too crazy!!!


poly is the only normal room that can accomodate. otherwise the contemporaty has suites, but they are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I got all of my information on the website, and I just checked it. It says that standard rooms in the Contemporary is maximum 5 people. I only double checked that because we are staying at the Contemporary, and I looked at all of that before we booked the room. That was the same at every Deluxe resorts, except the AKL and the WL. Those 2 resorts, you have to book Deluxe Rooms, which I said in my post and Mickey mentioned it again. All of my information came from Disney.com. If something is not right, the website is wrong.


I think most of the Deluxes can accomodate 5 people…I don’t tink AKL and WL can, though. (unless you get a Deluxe room at these resorts…like Pumpkin said :happy: )


Coranado is a moderate that has suites. A coworker took her DD and classmates there this summer and really liked it.


Check into a DVC rental. I’m not sure when you are going, or for how long, but it might be worth your while to rent someones points and stay in a two bedroom at a DVC resort. They seem to be going for $10. a point as a rental.There are many people on DIS Boards that need to get rid of points.


Just got back from POR and our room had 2 double beds with a trundle. It would have to be a small adult on the trundle.