5 Day Cruise or 7-10 Day WDW?


We are croaking for a Disney fix and with a 25th anniversary next month (and the help of a tax refund) we just might be able to pull of a trip … just the two of us for a change. So thinking about those of us that can only pull this off every every few years (in the [I]still [/I]frozen north) what would your choice be?

A 5 day Cruise? We’ve never done a cruise but it’s high on the wish list…or
A 7-10 at WDW?


I’d do 7-10 at WDW.
But I have no want or desire to go on a cruise that stops anywhere. No need for island trinkets and other stuff. Just leave the peir and bring me back on the appointed day. No cell (left it home, darn), no email (forgot my password and laptop is with phone), no TV. Just me and Pam, a few good books, some cold drinks, a sunny lounge chair by the pool, lots of food and I’m a happy cruiser.
Unfortnately, I can’t find one like this.


There’s no way to split down the middle and do a land & sea deal? That’s what we’re looking at when our oldest graduates. A few days in the park, a few nights at sea then if enough time and $ a couple more back in the park.

Oh wait, actually we did this in '06. 3 different parks then 3 nights at sea.


My vote is 7-10 day WDW. :happy:


I would try for the land and sea version, but if I HAD to choose, I would do the 7-10 day lsnd part.


Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Now, what do you really want to do. Don’t think about how many days, or the pros and cons, just what do you really, really want. That will be your answer.


For just you and DH, why not do the cruise? I think it’s perfect.


My brother went on a cruise once where rough seas kept him in his cabin sea sick the entire time. Times in port where ruined by rain.

I want to know that my vacation isn’t going to be ruined by anything, but a hurricane! Go for WDW!


Congrats on 25 years, that is amazing in this modern world.

I would do the 7-10 anytime. We did our 10th at the Grand Floridian and they really made it special.


I vote 7-10 at WDW. I would love to cruise but WDW is just soooo magical to us.


Well, we did it - 7 day W.Carribean… and not with Disney :blush: on the Allure of the Seas - that humungous boat, ship, floating high rise. We’re still missing Disney but this will set it apart from the family trips, something just for DH & I. (thanks Dana & bethishooked). Granddaughter is almost at the perfect age, we’ll go “home” next year.

Set sail in 2 weeks! Passports are in process, DH is still groaning over having to dress for 2 formal dinners but he’ll get over it and I don’t get to see him ‘spit and polished’ often enough. Interesting being a cruise newbie, after years of being the local WDW expert :laugh: Frantically trying to learn what this cruise culture is all about.

Any insights welcomed :blink:


Last year we booked and ultimately cancelled a 7 night Disney Cruise/WDW package.
To my husbands disappointment, I just could not leave those parks behind, not knowing what to expect on the cruise. Now I am sorry that I did.

We always stay 10 days at WDW and every year I say, “it’s too long”, after a while, you just don’t know when to do what.

Long story short: Take the cruise and add a few days at WDW :wink:

Happy 25th anniversary :flowers:


Glad you decided on cruising, even if it is not with Disney. I love cruising even better than the parks at this point.