5 Days for the Price of 3


In the Disney Store we currently have a new Disneyland Park Hopper deal going on, Purchase a 5 Day Disneyland Resort Park Hopper for the price of a 3 day Park Hopper. Just thought Id share it with those who might be planning an extended stay this summer or just wanted a few extra days to have to use after a main vacation, I dont know if any special date restrictions apply, I dont believe so, but just thought everyone would like to hear about it!


Wow, thats a good deal. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing, hope some MB’ers can use this!


Yea, its really a great deal! :smile:


Do you know how long this promo lasts?


I do believe I will be taking advantage of this. :happy: Well, my parents will be taking advantage of it… but for my and my son’s benefit!


I dont, I know its a Summer deal, but unfortunately I dont know at the moment, next time Im in the store I will look at the date details on the back of the hopper ticket, I think its through august.