5 Days Until I Can Make ADRS!


:happy: :happy: :happy:

So… I’ve got my plan all worked out. It’s going to be a loooong wait until December. :tongue:

Saturday: Spoodles
I’m not all that excited about Spoodles, but DS5 thinks it is the funniest name for a restaurant ever. And because this trip is all about him, we’re going to Spoodles.

Sunday lunch: Cantina de San AngelDaddy says he just wants to have lunch with a big ol’ Margarita. So this is the choice.
Sunday dinner: Tangierine Cafe :wub: :wub: :wub:

Monday breakfast: Crystal PalaceDS5 is sooooo excited about breakfast with Pooh!
Monday dinner: 'Ohana

Tuesday lunch: Cosmic Ray’s (again, fun for DS5)
Tuesday dinner: Artist Point (and I will be calling the chef a week before to beg for mushroom bread salad to go with my Cedar Plank Salmon! :laugh:)

Wednesday lunch: Probably Toy Story Pizza. DS likes Pizza. It doesn’t look fantastic, but it’ll be fine. I’m not excited about it, but I’m not that excited about any food at the Studios.
Wednesday dinner: TeppanyakiMy dad wanted this, and DS LOVES California rolls.

Thursday lunch: Open, since after AK we don’t know what park we’ll be heading to. Hopefully it’ll be Epcot, and we’ll hit the CS in The Land- it looks fantastic.
Thursday dinner: Coral ReefAnother choice I’m neutral about, buy my mom picked this as her number one choice. So we’ll give it a shot. DS5 does enjoy watching the fish go by.

Friday: Open! CS at Magic Kingdom, probably for both meals, until we have to sadly say goodbye that night.


Sounds great Andrea! Mmm…Ohanas and Teppanyaki!


You’re making me really hungry!


Yeah! Plans look good!


We are going to be making our ADR’s soon also. Can’t wait until I can make them. I’m going to be eating at Crystal Palace for two meals. Le Cellier for 2 meals. France for two lunches and Italy for a dinner. The rest are up in the air right now . Have to decide today or tommorrow for sure.


I can make my ADRs in 5 days, and I haven’t really thought it out yet!!! Great planning, Andrea. I gotta get with the program!!!


Sounds like you picked some really great places. And yeah I’m getting hungry looking at this post too.


We’ll be there the SAME time!!!


We’ll be there at that time also! I can’t wait! We are making ressies for Chef Mickeys for breakfast, Le Cellier for dinner, Sci Fi for dinner and Hoop De Doo! We will probably hit Peco Bills for lunch our first day, we LOVE that place.

P.S. You will love Williamsburg!


Great minds think alike! I L :heart: VE Chef Mickey’s breakfast and Le Cellier dinner!!! I am also definitely going to do 'Ohana for dinner. And Pecos Bills is a MUST for us! They have such an AWESOME fixins bar!!! Those yummy mushrooms, onions and CHEESE SAUCE!!!

Now I’m starved.

BTW, you’ve been to Williamsburg? Tell me about it in my “I’M GOING TO WILLIAMSBURG” thread here…sorry for hijacking Andrea! :wink:



I tried to look at your I’m going to Williamsburg post, but I was told I didn’t have access?!?!? Oh well! I went about 5 years ago for the Grand Illumination in December. The whole village was decorated for Christmas and they present fireworks, it was amazing! Anyway, it is an awesome trip, fun but we learned a few things. If they offer you peanut soup, pass on it! :pinch: We did have an apple coffee cake at the bakery one morning that was too die for! Have a great time!


Oh, sorry about that! It’s in Chit Chat and you need to have 100 posts to get in there. But thanks SO MUCH for the info!!

(again, sorry Andrea for hijacking your thread! :angel: )


Great choices!!

I think you’ll enjoy Spoodles, it was one of our best meals last trip.

And Teppanyaki…awesome!!


Yes, you must! Otherwise we’ll breeze right by you into restaurants, only snickering a little bit… :cool:

Do you have some tentative plans?

I’m trying to see if I can squeeze in Whispering Canyon somewhere.


This hijacking has been duly noted and will show up on your fitness report.



I am doing a little “research” now, trying to figure what I’m doing and when. It ALWAYS changes while I’m there, but I at least want to have a LITTLE plan. Even if we don’t know what parks we will start in, we always know where we will have dinner that night.

My DEFINITES are 'Ohana for dinner, Le Cellier for dinner, 1900 Park Faire for dinner (going to torture my 1 year old and dress her up like Cinderella to meet her!!!) and that’s about it. I REALLY want to try Tepanyaki. Earl of Sandwich is a MUST try for lunch! Probably on the day we get there, since we aren’t going to any parks that day. I am also CONSIDERING Tony’s for dinner, since DS LOVES Lady and the Tramp! He keeps telling me he wants to go to Tony’s…but it gets mixed reviews!!! I’m also CONSIDERING California Grill, so DH can have his sushi. It takes 2 TS credits, so not sure if it’s worth it. And Chef Mickeys is a MUST for breakfast!!!

Sorry for babbling…whaddya think?


OK. At Spoodles you should order -

  1. The Greek Salad. It’s presentation was really great, and it tasted magnificent.

  2. The Rigatoni. Not my own personal choice, but my husband ordered it and it smelled and looked fantastic.

  3. The Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee. You can’t possibly EVER regret ordering it. It’s just too good.

Don’t forget that super great, etremely good, so perfectly wonderful OLIVE TEPANADE with YUMMY BREAD! OM! SO GOOD!

Spoodles rocks my world.


I can make mine Sunday, and we are doing Bibbidi Bobbidi Bootique for DD so I am making those Sun. as well. I am so excited !