5 more weeks <sigh>


I think the title says it all.

I am counting down the days til our fall trip and it cannot come any sooner. I think I realized that having the Labor Day trip is better to plan instead of waiting a few more weeks.

Oh well, just needed to ramble

Carry on…


I remember when I had over 200 days and now look I am so much closer went went by fast


I know what you mean. My days are crawling by. How is it possible that I am still not at the 150 mark, or am I?


I’m still in 3-digit territory.:crying: So I try to think of other things, but can’t help myself.

For example, we take breakfast and lunch foods with us, like the cereal that comes in its own bowls and such. I have most of it already packed and put aside.:blush:


Oh man, those last weeks waiting are painful aren’t they? I’m right there with ya.
Ive got 6 more weeks to go. Come on!


I’m in no digit territory… if it makes anyone feel better… At least for now…