5 Or 8 Day Passes


I Am Still Makeing Payments On Our Vacation So I Called Today And The Very Nice Cm Asked Me If I Realized For About $6.40 Extra Per Ticket We Could Get An 8 Day Pass So I Told Her That I Would Talk With Dh First B/c He Wanted A Couple Of Days To Relax But For That Price Ireally Think We Should, What Do You Think?


For that little of money I would not think twice. You may want to relax at your resort all day and head for a park at night.


For that little price difference, I would definitely go for it!! You could always take relaxing days off but then use your “practically free” extra park days to have dinner at a restaurant in the park…or relax all day and just go for the fireworks! :happy: I think having the freedom of those extra days would be great.

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In all honesty once you get to like 5 or 6 days it only cost a few dollars extra to add days to your passes…I like the difference between 4 days and 5 days is 8 dollars…so if your DH didn’t want to do 8 days you could probably do 6 or 7 for cheap as well.


You might also want to think about adding the no expire option and just buying 10 day tickets and lock in those extra days for the future at a lower price than they’d eventually cost.
Imagine buying tickets today and then using them in 12 years and hopping between the 5 parks and your tickets only cost about $12 a day compared to $100 if you wait until 2020 to buy them.


I say do it! You could even relax all day and maybe just head to EPCOT for Illuminations or a stroll around World Showcase at night. That alone is worth way more than $6!


I would go for it too!!


Ditto on the 10 day no exp. passes. We go for a week at a time, and with the 10 day passes, we don’t pay for tickets at all of the third trip. It comes out to very little per day.


I like this idea too. Even if you don’t use the extra days the $6 + change will give you piece of mind that you can go to a park (even if for a little while) when ever you want during the trip.

I personally would not do the 10 day no exp. option b/c I would not be positive that they would get put to use. But if you are positive that they would then go for it.



For the little amount more, I would go for it. Like others said, you could relax at the hotel all day, then decide to go to Rose & Crown for dinner & watch Illuminations, for example.

The no expiration option is up to you…would depend on if you wanted to fork out the extra $$$, although it is definitley cheaper than a whole new 3-day ticket.

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I agree with everyone.
It’s so nice that even on a non-park day you can still head out and catch dinner at any park you want.


I agree with everyone. Personally, we buy the 10 day no expiration option which usually gives us 2 trips. This trip, we do not have to buy tickets because we have enough days left over to cover our entire trip. That was a huge savings for us this year which we of course spent getting a hotel on the beach in Tampa so that we could visit Bush Gardens this trip.


i took everyones advice and upgraded to the 8 day passes Thanks


We are going to purchase 10 day park hopper no expiration tickets this year, attend the parks 5 days, and on one day go to Downtown DIsney. Then we have our next trip to look forward to knowing our tickets are paid for.


I would add the no expire option on as well. It just makes sense. That way your tickets for next time are paid for.


Don’t forget, you don’t have to make the decision right now. I think you can extend your tickets once you’re there as long as you make the changes prior to your last day of use.


Go for it!!!


I did the same thing, we have 8 day passes and we will probably at most use 7 but it’s such a small price difference it’s not a big deal if we don’t use them all.


Yes and from what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong) that even if you have one day left, you add no expiration, when you visit the next time and add days you get the “more you play, less you pay per day” discount.

So you buy an 8 day, use 7, next time add 3 days to your one day and pay the 10 day ticket price . … do I make sense? :blush: That right there is a good savings per day!


On the WDW website (No Discounts or previous sales reflected) the price per day on an 8 Day ticket (Hopper, Waterpark) is 39.50 day.

You have this and planned on using 5 days.

Now, a 10 day no expire will cost you $50/day, so there is an significant increase.

However, If you subtract the original 5 day cost of the passes of $310, your new 5 day pass is costing $190 or $38 dollars a day. SO If you ever plan on coming back for a 5 day trip your savings at list rate will be about $120 per 5 day pass. Spend now to save later? Personal choice.

My favorite strategy is the every other year Annual pass.

Buy a pass for Aug 1, 2008 for your August trip. Go for however long (8 days?). Take next years trip prior to Aug 1 2009, buy no passes in 2009. Buy them again in 2010. Thats 36 a day (at 16 days), plus the ability to go even more and the passholder discounts on resorts. This is also very nice for the travel days which hurt to use a park day for 2 hours before the flight.