50 days and counting!


We are at the 50 day mark today! I cannot believe it!!! These 50 days are going to fly by. Anyone else finding the summer part of their countdown is going much much faster than the winter part? Since we started at over the 200 day mark :blink: , but I am finding 99-50 has flown by. We have a couple of small weekend trips coming up over the next few weeks and once they are done I am going to start putting things in the suitcase for our Disney trip.
YAY!!! I have been keeping busy the past 2 wks making T-shirts for Noah to wear. They turned out so nice. I will have to take some pictures of them to share with you all.
Just wanting to share my excitement.:goofybounce:


:smile: you hit the 50 day mark (have a great time)…I will hit it in 2 more days


I wanna see the pics! I have 64 more days -and that seems short to me! I am so excited to get to 50, then 40, 30, 20, 10, agh - I really need to packing! it’ll be here before you know it!!


CONGRATS!! Let’s see…50 days until you get to Disney. Is it safe to guess “60-65 days until TR?” :laugh:

I love a good TR…


Wow 50 days! I wish I have 91 days to go!


Yay 50 days!!! Yes, please post some pics…we’d love to see them!


I love getting to the 50 day mark, the time flies after that.


Yay!!! That is exciting!! We are right behind you, at 66 days.
The summer time does help the time go quicker. I guess because summer is fun itself. And we all know time flies when you are having fun!!


VERY EXCITING!!! Show us your t-shirts please:happy:


Im at 54 days today…where you staying and for how long?


We are at 39 days !!!


We are staying at Pop for 8 nights. Sept 6-14th and I can’t wait. I will post some pics of the shirts in another thread. I finished off the last of them yesterday. I think I did a total of 20 shirts. I got carried away doing it, but it was fun. I will try and take some pictures to post tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing in the countdown excitement with me.


Im staying at CSR September 10-17 7 nights and 8 Days…YEEEE HAAAA
You buy the fabric and make the shirts?


Anyone else finding the summer part of their countdown is going much much faster than the winter part?

Yes, we are at 39 and counting. We can’t believe how quickly the summer is going!


MikeyJ-Let me know how you like CSR. It looks just beautiful. It was our 2nd choice. Maybe next time. We went with Pop because it was such a good price. I posted my shirts in another thread and it explains how to make them.


We are at 50 days !!! :mickey: