50 days finally


later today marks the 50 day countdown,this year more so than the last 20 seems to have crawled despite fitting 6disneyland trips in the middle,for some reason I am looking forward to this trip even more than in times past,and I always excited just like a first timer,anyone have any clues on how too make the 50 days go by faster…I am listening…


Make a list of things you need for your trip and go out and get one a day for the 50 days. We have 117 days left and we are buying a few things a week: lotion, umbrella, q-tips, goggles, sunscreen etc. We put them in our Carryon bags (once they are filled we will fill our suitcases). Sounds silly, probably, but has helped us count-down from 242 days pretty well. Well, that and our giant countdown calender.

I am having so much fun watching everyone’s countdown timers getting into the double and single digits! Reading TRs is a pretty fun way to countdown to your own vacation too!

Have a ball counting down!!


thanks all done though,hwere were you with this sugestion 100 days ago…I am just kidding ,I am a veteran, but this time I just want to be there NOW…my niece will be joining us this year she is just a good kid and cannot wait to show her the world ,she has not been there since 90…20 years ago and there is so much new…well another 45 minutes gone …this is helping …this is fun …


Time slows down as you near your departure date.

Unless you haven’t packed.


We have 45 days until we get there, I feel your pain!!!


I do a countdown chain and change the color of the links every ten links…it’s like a mini countdown within a countdown. Seems to make it fly for me.


We just hit 89 days. Every day is like a milestone. Can I just MOVE to the castle? That would work for me.


[QUOTE=MissDisney;1020571]Time slows down as you near your departure date.

Unless you haven’t packed.[/QUOTE]

So very true!! :laugh:


Sometimes I go onto Youtube and watch people’s vids to take the edge off :laugh:
Sneaking off to get a fix now!:laugh::laugh:


the funny thing is I have disneyland right up the road,well usually about this time of year we have already planned our spring training visit to arizona,and slipped off to vegas for a long weekend,but this year because of scheduling conflicts we are not doing these things this year, it just seems like time is dragging oh well one more day down,next


I also love that youtube fix nothing better, I’m down to 68 days and I feel like it’s taking forever too!! :glare:


looks like I am going to disneyland next week that will fill in sometime…but my next hump,is saying less than a month …I am also planning a trip back to WDW in the fall,have some points ,so they should be good for a week …so that countdown will start again


just checking …countdown noticed that it was wrong …testing,testing


I am right there with you…My count down started at 200+days…these last 57 are going SO SLOW…looks like we might be there at the same time. I’m at BLT the first 6 nights, and BCV the last 5, how about you?


SSR the whole 11nights


48 days until the “adult girls only trip”. I can’t wait!!! Flower and Garden Festival here we come.