50 degrees here and I'm dreaming of Disney


We have had a cold front move in and now my trip can’t come soon enough. We’ve been spoiled for the past month by the most beautiful Spring I can remember and I am not ready to go back to normal May in Minnesota. What is the weather like where the rest of you are? Must be warmer than 50 degrees in other parts of the country.

Feeling very sorry for myself :crying:


New York has been warm for the most part but allergies are TERRIBLE!

Lets see how disney is… I’ll be leaving for disney on sunday! :smiley:

When I come back want to give me your 50 degrees because I’d take that in a heart beat! :smiley:


Aww Jen I feel your pain:crying: It’s been nice this week but the weekend is going to be 50ish and rainy/windy.
We leave around the same time as you guys, 42 days for us and it’s KILLING me. It can not come fast enough. It’s all I can think about!
Don’t you feel the obsession gets worse the closer it gets here?!


We’ve had okay weather for Chicagoland area, but VERY windy for the past week or two. You get all excited about doing some yardwork, and then the wind whips you around a bit, and I go inside.


We’re burning up. It’s in the mid-upper 80s and HUMID!!!


It’s been pretty nice here is PA but also having a lot of allergy problems


Jen, I hate that you are having cool, yucky weather. I don’t know that I would deal very well that kind of spring. We had a nice spring here (although the allergy season was the worst in many, many years back at the end of March/first of April), but summer has arrived in North Carolina now! It’s been in the 80s here today and pretty humid. I LOVE IT! It is supposed to cool back down to low 70s by Mother’s Day for a day or two and then back into the 80s. I’d bottle some of this heat and send it your way if I could.


Been in the lower 70’s and upper 60’s here in southwest Michigan but just saw we could get a frost or freeze this weekend.


Hey Jen,
I just read we cannot rule out SNOW this weekend! EWW! Not sure if that is the forecast near you too??
Not alot- just enough to freeze my gardens and cover the grass. Of course. The flowers are so beautiful from the warm spring so far… I really hope they don’t wilt!!!


I feel your pain. In February, we moved from NC to ME. Not only is the weather terrible here, but we are so much farther from Disney. We had to scratch our trip for this year because we are no longer within driving distance, and don’t have the extra money to fly. I’m totally missing Disney for so many reasons. I miss the warmth. I hate this place, so cold and dreary, and so far from the mouse. I’ll join your pity party!


Oh I’m in on this pity party too! It’s 49 and rainy today:glare:. I don’t think it’s ever gonna warm up again.


Still so cold and hit by the flu this week too. Grrr…

Zoey9797, we did get snow over last weekend. It didn’t stay on the ground, but we had a frost cover, same as you.

I keep telling my DH that if MN doesn’t have a nice, hot summer this year I am out of here. Two summers in a row it has been cool enough that swimming hasn’t been an option for me. We live in the land of 10,000 lakes, but I don’t dip in unless its at least 85 degrees, so the past two summers there has been very little beach time for me.

On the upside, I will appreciate the heat of Florida in June in a way very few people can understand!!