50% off Villians Stuff at Target


Went to Target to buy some costumes for Dress up clothes for daycare and low and behold what do I spy, but Villians Kleenex and Villians Scott Paper Towels all 50% off. :wub: 99 cents for one box of kleenex or 99 cents for 3 rolls of papertowels. Guess who came home with enough papertowels and kleenex to last a whole year?

Now get off the computer and go get your own…
99 Cents Each


Hoo Boy! Sounds good to me, queensmama! I’m on my way there now anyway. I’ll have to go get me some. :happy:


Our Target was wiped out. HAAAAHAAAHAAA. Sorry, small pun.


I know it was kinda cheesy, but it still made me giggle! :tongue:


Yup thats me. Cheesy.

But seriously, they didn’t have any villain paper towels or kleenex over the weekend. They did have Chicken Little tissues though.

Also, I noticed there are now battery packages out with little Narnia snow globes inside. Those were cheesy too, though.


Awww, my Target didn’t ever carry those I got them at my local grocery store. Shhhh, I skipped out on 45 minutes of work this morning when Target opened so I could scoop up the 50% off Halloween decor! They are already in the attic for next year!!! The only thing better is the day after Christmas!!!


Oooh, I love the day after Christmas. I eat cookies for breakfast and then go shopping for things I really don’t need and then don’t remember where I put them when next Christmas gets here.


I don’t know whether they were all gone or whether they never carried them , but there were none at our local store.


Um…Martha Stewart?



No it was Cincy, he was mumbling something about all these messy people he had to tote around in his new ride. :tongue: