$5.00 Ringer T's for the whole fam


Disney.com Disney store— 3.99 pj’s and 5 dollar ringer t’s…

in case you need more clothing!!!


Seriously? I’m headed there now… who can’t use more clothes? :laugh: THANKS!


The PJ’s are so cheap I am blown away and trying to think of every DNiece and Nephew I have that can wear this fun stuff!


ummmm, what are Ringer t’s?


Ringer T’s are the shirts with colored collars and colored rings around the sleeves.


Just buy the pajamas a size bigger than you would other brands. They don’t seem true to size.


:laugh::laugh::laugh:Thanks for asking Dopey. I was wondering the same thing. Now we know.


I would buy thisif the tNBC logo wasn’t stuck on it. I hate logos! :pirate:


i LOVE that---- even with the logo but I don’t want it if the price aint RED :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


I agree Emerson, but I like to pretend I’m not poor for once. :laugh:

I want this onemore than anything!! I hope a large would fit me!!


i like to pretend I’m not poor when I book WDW and then SHOP for WDW…

then, I get my fist statement when I’m home and I KNOW I need extra funds! Just to support my Disney habit! It’s horrible! I work to have a house and go to WDW

:pirate::pirate: i could be pirate!:pirate::pirate:


ps- My cart is up to $104 but that gives me FREE shipping! and the whole fam- including DGPs can be in a different character ringer for the day! how fun!


I have 5 shirts, 1 purse and 3 of the paint canvas things in my cart - all that for $52, not bad! I am going for the Kermit shirts for myself and DH, then my mom, stepdad and DD will get ringers. They always have great deals - now I just have to search the web for another code, I can usually find free ship or another % off.


I found a code for free ship for orders over $50 - MOMS50
It works now but I think it expires on the 19th.


oh, I live in the country = I have no idea, most of the time :laugh:
Thanks Brandon

Loretta, I am glad you got your answer :cool:


I just went to a Disney outlet at Miromar Mall in Estero, FL. I couldn’t believe the good deals that I got. I even did some Christmas shopping. They had Kids Fleece Jackets that have all the Main Characters on the Front and it says Walt Disney World for only $5.99. Such a good deal.


I LOVE Disney outlets… we drive to WDW just so we can hit the outlet on the way there (see if there is something that DS wants before we get to WDW, and to pick up last minute items before paying park prices) and then again on the way back to pick up prestents for family and friends who we couldn’t find anything for at one of the parks. :laugh:


Oooo…I love that! Even with the logo it’s adorable!!


[QUOTE=Dopey;882805]oh, I live in the country = I have no idea, most of the time :laugh:
Thanks Brandon

Loretta, I am glad you got your answer :cool:[/QUOTE]

I live in a big ole city, and I was still clueless, so don’t feel bad.:laugh:


i added more to my cart!

I have issues!!!

but I LOVE them!