500000 @ 12:45 pm


It’s over… now who won…



Well if it wasn’t me, I’ll be sure to win it when we hit a million :laugh:


Whooo Hooo…now I can go out and do what I have to do today!!! Congrats, whoever won!!!


Congrats to whoever won now I can give my kids breakfast!!! LOL… .Only kidding!!!


Thank God this is finally over. I went and made my family a big Sunday breakfast/ brunch so I would stay off of here when I knew the 500K was getting close. :laugh: I wonder who won? :happy:


Aggggh I wanna know !


There was a contest?


Yeah, the 500,000th poster would get 100 disney dollars.


Hahahahaha! :laugh:

Oh, did you really not know? :huh:


Hm, that means we were contenders!

Who knows, posting your ice cream idea may pay off after all! :wub:


I know it’s not me but I can’t wait to see who it was. This waiting is hard.


I really didn’t. :blush:

Got too busy with hearings in Court, so I’ve been off DisneyCentral lately. :crying:

I remember seeing a thread, but thought it was some game like DisneyQuest or VMK, so I didn’t read it. :confused:

I think CathysCAT might actually be the post, having helped out a fellow MouseBuzzer with a poll…


wow— i didnt know there was a contest either…i did make one post around 12:45 or so…but I’m not that lucky…


What a great honeymoon surprise that would be!! Good luck, Bella!


BDavis is the winner winner chicken dinner! LOL


congrats to the winner whoever you are!


Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! :wub: