50s Prime Time Cafe


I saw on allearsnet.com that the “'50s Prime Time Cafe will be closed from January 4 until January 28 for a rehab”, but there wasn’t a year and in that there is lots of old stuff there does anyone know if this is 2006 or if it already happened in 2005?

Another question is if it happened in 2005 what did they change or if it will happen in 2006, what will they change?



'50s Prime Time Cafe will be closed much of January for rehab, from about January 4 until January 28, 2006.

I hope that helps.


I have a PS at 50’s PT for January 24th. Do you think I should call to make sure that my PS is still okay??


Hmmmmmm… I wonder if this is just a normal “paint on the walls” kind of thing, or if they’ll be changing some stuff? Anybody heard?


Wow, a lot of my favorite things are gone this Jan…bummer. We always go to the lounge there and have an appetizer and a drink before the parade.


I think it’s just a sprucing up, not a big overhaul


I think it’s just a sprucing up, not a big overhaul


What do they do with the people who have PSes there?


Perhaps they’re upgrading to the 1970s from the 1960s. When it reopens, Edith Bunker will be your server! :wink: :laugh:


That is so cool. That means when we go in Feb. it will be nice and freshly updated.


I was told to keep my PS for the 24th. They said that sometimes they finish the refurbs on the restaurants early, but to also make another PS for somewhere else to be safe. I was also told that the restaurant would be contacting me to let me know what was up. I will keep you posted when I find out what happens.


Thanks, Nikki! :c) I just wondered if they diverted you to another restaurant, or something, but I suppose that wouldn’t make any sense.



I would be amused if they did it in character. Rather than “This is the 50’s Prime Time Cafe with an update on your PS,” they could say “Hi, hon, this is Cousin Mildred, just wanting to let’cha know that…” :laugh:



Ha ha!! Pretty good…of course she would have to end the conversation with…“Get your elbows off the table…I can see you!” :tongue: