50's Prime Time Cafe


We did the Cafe today at Hollywood Studios, We walked to the dining info center and had reservations within’ 15 minutes. The food was delicious, and the cast members called us all kids and got on us about eating our vegetables and if we were going to the bathroom to wash our hands and “This time use soap”!!! It was a blast.:laugh:


Glad you liked it.
50’s Prime Time never really grabbed my fancy. But I’m sure there’s places I love that you wouldn’t care for. There’s also places I used to love, but have changed their menus so much over time that they don’t call me back today (Coral Reef).


We’ve yet to eat over in that area of EPCOT … to busy trying all the “Frosty” beverages in the Showcase!!! BUMMER tonight that the British Invasion canceled due to rain, but it did not slow us down!


We had lunch for the first time at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe for the first time in January and loved it. The food was good, the atmosphere was really fun.
I am glad you guys liked it


We did it last year and we were laughing the entire time we were there. We even got a “new family member” for a good portion of our meal as the waitress the next section over kicked a kid to our table because he couldn’t keep his elbows off the table. It is all in good fun and I think the people with bad reviews take the fun poorly. C’mon, it is Disney, it is supposed to be memorable and fun.


when we were there for our honeymoon (10 years ago) it was great fun, great interaction with the waiter…i have a pic somewhere of him feeding me my green beans that i didnt eat all of!! & I only got 1/2 a clean plate sticker since i only at 1/2 my food…
When we were just there in september, nothing. we were even trying to get in trouble, elbows on the table, not eating all our food…still nothing. I think it is totally the server you have that makes it or breaks it. It was a shame though because i kept telling my mom & Dad how fun it was and we had nothing.