50s Prime Time or Sci Fi for dinner?


Hi folks…

I’ve read mostly lunch reviews for these two places. I’ve only been to 50s Prime Time for lunch but we’re going to try one of these two places for dinner this year…anyone have an opinion which is better?



I know not everyone will agree with this but I think they are about even, 50’s PT might have a slight edge but the atmosphere at Sci Fi makes up for that. We like both but we understand they they aren’t 5 star restaurants, we stick to burgers and fry type foods at Sci Fi and always have good luck. I love to Reuben at Sci Fi and the fried chicken at 50’s PT.


We have eaten both lunch and dinner for both. We ate Sci Fi for dinner on our last trip, and I was disappointed. We had only eaten there for lunch, and enjoyed it, but not this time. IMO… 50’s is a perfect choice for dinner. Food is great!


I have been to neither place BUT had the same exact question you do.

Since the reviews seem to cancel each other out I chose on theme. I figured we would get the same quality of food so I chose based off of what atmosphere we would enjoy more. We can try the other one on our next trip.

DH is a huge Star Wars/Star Trek fan so I chose Sci Fi.

If you are more into 50’s stuff, history, interaction etc. I would go to 50’s Primetime.

Have Fun!



I vote for SCi Fi and yet agree with the above- i think the food is slightly better at 50’s but the atmosphere at Sci Fi is such good fun.


We haven’t eaten in either for years - but I’d give the edge to Prime Time - I remember that the meatloaf was very good!


I vote for the 50s Prime Time, because the pot roast there is awesome! I love to get some comfort food when I get burned out from burgers and fries.


I haven’t eaten at either . . . the menus don’t appeal to me!

Anyway . . . we did go to Hollywood and Vine last May, altho the atmosphere is simple (diner like) there were a lot of choices on the buffet. The kids had a lot to choose from too! We thought it was really good! :happy:


We had dinner at Sci Fi both times we went to WDW, my kids loved it. I would have liked to try PT, but my family wouldn’t appreciate the humor. I had a pasta and shrimp dish both times it was okay, but the fact that my kids asked to go again made my decision.


I think the atmosphere at Sci-Fi can’t be beat.


My kids enjoyed Sci-Fi better than 50’s PT. As for me an Dh we think that they are both good.


I think I’d prefer Sci-Fi for lunch, as their sandwiches and burgers are their best fare. Prime Time has a lot of traditional dinner entrees.


As I said to the customer service rep of my Disney Visa card…“I am the kid”…hee, hee…she loved that so much she put 10 Disney rewards points in my account.

Seriously, this is my mom’s make-up 60th birthday trip (i.e. my dad wouldn’t let her go when it was her real b-day and my sister works too much to go on any trips).

Anyway, thank you everyone for all your opinions. I made ressie for 50s Prime time partly b/c Sci Fi’s menu looks better for lunch (which is not an option this time around) and the 50s decor looks an awful lot like my grandmother’s knicknacks (sp?) that I think my mom will get a kick out of it.


Two totally different experiences, so it depends on what appeals to you. If you are unable to play along and get into character, skip 50’s and do Sci fi. 50’s is lost on such people. I really am not always in the mood for it, so I never book it anymore never knowing what kind of mood I will be in the day I actually go there.


If you’re looking for enviorment sci-fi.

But honestly, when it comes to food 50’s prime time wins all together. Also, it’s fun and very entertaining.


Food is better in 50s Prime Time. Not BAD in SciFi but not as good.


Have to agree with that, except that when we eat, I do not want to be disturbed, and do not get into the act, as Dana pointed out. We also avoid 50’s Prime Time for that reason.


We have been to both and over all, 50’s Prime Time wins out over Sci-Fi, as well as Hollywood & Vine.

Although the atmosphere is fun at Sci-Fi, sitting in the cars while eating makes it difficult for any real conversation to occur because we were not facing each other. We also felt the food was just, well average at best, but we did have fun watching the movies.

Prime Time offers a fun time too if you like to interact with the CMs especially. We really enjoyed the food much better here than at Sci-Fi. Even though it its far from the best dining that WDW has to offer, it does offer some decent selections. We enjoyed the meatloaf and really loved the Fried Cheese appetizer ~ I believe it was fried Boursin cheese ~ yum!:wub: However, I heard somewhere that they took it off the menu!:glare:

IMHO, Hollywood & Vine is “just” another buffet. They have nothing really unique and the food is just OK, especially compared to buffets to the likes of Boma, Chef Mickey’s and Crystal Palace.:mellow:

I really wish they offered some better counter service and table service establishments at the Studios. We usually try to go elsewhere for our dining if possible, however, if we “had” to pick one it would be 50’s Prime Time.


I vote 50’s Prime Time.


I love Sci Fi stuff and hate being “messed with” at meals, so our choice is an easy one.