50's Prime Time or Sci-Fi


I have a lunch ressie for Sci-Fi but I am having second thoughts. If it were up to you which one would you pick and why?? I know they are two totally different places with different food/themes. Thanks


50’s Primetime … We had a lot of fun in there. We had always read negative things about Sci-Fi. Food wise that is…


I can only speak about sci-fi, but it was the worst meal I have ever had at Wdw.


Love primetime - food is comfort food and it can be a very entertaining meal if you have the right server.


I prefer 50s Prime Time. Sci-Fi had a great atmosphere and I’m glad I tried it, but nothing on the menu really appealed to me. 50s Prime Time always has great food to go with the great atmosphere when I go there!


Go to Sci-Fi for dessert, not a meal. 50’s Primetime is a great place to eat. Having said that, my kids insist on going back to Sci-Fi on every WDW visit because it evokes fond memories for them.


We too go to Sci Fi for nostalgia and it is kind of fun in there too. Sure, the foods not that great, but its fun. We have never been to Prime Time, I’m not sure I want to be picked on and I’ve heard that happens? My nephew went and said their server went a little over the top to his girlfriend so for that reason we have always given it a wide berth.


I completely agree with you reasoning. My family is to thin skined for the Prime Time. We enjoy Sci-Fi, food has always been fine, nothing to write home about though. We go for the atmosphere, although if you have only 2 in your party you take the chance of sharing a car. Meaning that someone is ether sitting in front of you or behind. Not really a big deal, but it is kind of close. Feels like you are staring at the back of someones head or they are staring at yours:blink:(my daughter didn’t care for that). You can get milkshakes for your beverage on the dining plan. They also have very good Hot Fudge Sundaes.


We prefer Sci-Fi over 50’s Prime Time. The food is O.K. at Sci-Fi, but when we eat a meal, we do not want to be disturbed. We know it is part of the act, but meals are our time. For the same reason, we do not go to Whispering Canyon. I do feel that the food is better at 50’s, but the food at Sci-Fi is not all that bad.


i have to agree with most 50’s by far is a better choice. When i went to sci fi i did NOT like anything they had to offer (since then they’ve change the menu). I would look at their food options only because that makes or breaks my decision. There are a ton of sites out there that show you the complete food listing for each restaurant. If i were home I’d send the link but im at work. If I get home early tonight. i’ll look for the link!


I am the same exact way. I want to be left alone to enjoy my food with my family.


These are two of my favorite restaurants! Sci-fi’s food isn’t that great and they don’t have a large selection at all. But the atmosphere is amazing!

50’s PTC is absolutely adorable and a real riot! SO much fun for everyone and the food is amazing. But alot of people don’t like this restaurant because they can’t take the friendly teasing! :]


We like Sci-Fi, but we LOVE Prime Time Cafe! I’m a shy person, so I don’t really like to be “picked on”. But my DH is very outgoing…so he loves it. I’ll put up with the servers antics because the food is DELICIOUS! You have to try the Fried Chicken - YUMMY!
We like the atmosphere at Sci-Fi - it is super cool. My DS6 loves to get the light up drink. The milkshakes are very good too!


A couple of tips if you don’t want to be “picked on” at 50 Prime Time Cafe

  1. Eat all your veggies
  2. do not put your elbows on the tables
  3. Wash your hands before you eat
  4. If the silverwear is on the table in a basket when you get there, SET THE TABLE!
  5. Don’t be chewing gum when you sit down

It’s all in good fun. If they know you are uncomfortable, they usually tone it down a bit.

Like I said before…it’s worth it for the yummy food. The Fried Chicken is the best, but the pot roast and meatloaf are also SOOOOO GOOD!! And the onion rings and the chocolate malt milkshakes…I’m HUNGRY now!!


I haven’t had much luck with the food at Sci-Fi but the atmosphere is pretty neat.
However, I love 50’s PTC but every time I eat there I’m usually starving. I don’t normally put my elbows on the table and I licked my plate clean I was so hungry so I didn’t have much trouble being teased. In fact the waitress, though she was funny with some of her stories and was teasing others in the tables around mine, didn’t really bother our table at all. She still fit the role but she was sweet once we got chatting with her. I had a really good time and enjoyed my food. I love the decor and looking at all the tacky tid bits lying around.

I wanted to go back again this summer but my friend’s dad doesn’t like veggies at all…and he also doesn’t like being teased so he doesn’t want to risk it, lol!


I have wanted to try Prime Time, but when given a choice, last trip, my outgoing DH said that he didn’t want a bossy server. :eek: So Sci-Fi, it was…and we weren’t too thrilled with it. Set up was neat, but didn’t meet our expectations and the food wasn’t too great. :blow:


We like both, and the food is ok at both. We like the atmosphere at sci fi-a lot… it is my 8 year old ds favorite restaurant. We like prime time for the atmosphere too, and it is funny to see what they make you do (it is only for a little while). Last time, the waiter was yelling the drinks to us- we were dying, and he made my daughter meet the little girl at the table behind us, and then they had to sing, “I’m a little teapot”. It was so cute-the waiter helped…

It is all in good fun, and that is the attitude needed when you go in there. Just enjoy yourself-life is too short not to have some fun-even if it is out of your comfort zone (and it is for me)…

Have fun with either choice…


I wonder which of these restaurants is better for a 3 year old DD and 1 year old DS? We have already have booked the Prime Time Café but seems like Sci-Fi might be a good option too.


My family always eats at Sci-Fi for the burgers. They are delicious…and the milkshakes. Yum! The last time I was at Prime Time the food was awful. :blow: I haven’t been back since. I’d been there before and it was fine, so I hope it was a fluke. The atmosphere is better at Sci-Fi in my opinion, but I like to be left alone when I eat, so Prime Time really isn’t for me. Either one you choose, you will probably be happy, so don’t stress about it too much.


50’s is a regular. Love the interaction by the CM’s. We are not fans of Sci-Fi.