50th Anniversary Dinner


Just wondering if anyone can suggest a place to celebrate a 50th anniversary dinner either in DisneyWorld or off the resort. There will be about 12 people with kids, youngest is 5. This is for August 2006. Thanks


I would sit down with everyone (if you can) or communicate through email or something and decide what everyone likes. Do you want a fancy meal, character meal, dinner show, etc. Then go from there. Just about anyplace in WDW will accomodate you. We are having a large group celebration in Feb. and the only catch with it that I found was the times they want you to take. They suggest either early in the meal time or late. In otherwords, say you want to go to dinner. They would want you to come at 4:45 instead of 6:00 when they will be extra busy. Make sense? Here is alink to a wonderful site with menus for just about every restaurant on WDW property. http://allearsnet.com/din/dining.htm


By the way, just wanted to say , Welcome to DC !! Hope you love it here!


I absolutely agree. For a fancy meal, I’d suggest California Grill (to watch the Wishes Fireworks); for a character meal, I’d suggest Liberty Tree Tavern; for a dinner show, Hoop Dee Doo Revue would be fun; and for just a good, all around, fun meal I’d suggest 'Ohana (the focus of which, of course, is “family”).

Congrats on the 50th and welcome to DC!!


Welcome to DC! There are so many choices at WDW - if you could give us an idea of what exactly you are thinking of, I’m sure you’ll get lots of suggestions.


We’re doing the same thing! Our immediate family group will be 8 including the guests of honor “Mimi and Papa” who are celebrating 50 years of wedding bliss. We are including aunts, uncles cousins for the dinner celebration at the park, they live in FLA and we tried to get the private dinning room at California Grill (6 months out) and it was booked.

If you call the magical gathering group (be sure to register a group number, neat other features) they can help you arrange a special celebration. We looked at dinners at Epcot as they can combine dinner with illuminations or a magical boat ride, if you just want your group.

We decided after lots of conversations to have the dinner at Cinderalla Castle. From a pricing standpoint, it allowed us to know exactly what the cost would be.

Have fun - we are getting close to leaving so I’ll be certain to give you a review following our event.


Thanks for all your help. Is there a nice place somewhere off the Disney property? We may want to do that for a change of pace.